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Absolut Engine v1.70          http://www.absolutengine.com
Copyright (c) 2001-2004 Daniel Duris (hide@address.com)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Be sure to read readme.txt before reading this document. There are
some instructions on how to run Absolut Engine in the most convenient

1. I've installed AE, but it displays "Couldn't connect!!!" message
   --> Check if database settings in settings.php are correct.
   --> If problem persists, check MySQL server status and/or contact
       your MySQL server support.

2. After trying to login, I get "Page not found" message.
   --> Change $server variable from localhost to your domain name.
   --> Be sure $path variable is properly set.

3. I've run into "Database is connected: couldn't..." message
   --> Try to reload the page.
   --> Delete current database and try to install system.sql from

4. When I tried to upload images or files, error message came out:
   "File handling error occurred. File couldnÂ’t be uploaded or
   deleted. ..."
   --> Check if paths in basic settings in settings.php are correct.
   --> Check if permissions of directory where you are trying to
       upload images or files are set to 777.
   --> Are you allowed to upload files to your webserver? Contact
       your webserver support for details.

All about Absolut Engine mailing list - tips and advices on AE:
Send email to hide@address.com with body containing
subscribe all-about
Mail volume on the list is extremely low (1 message/month).

If you have any other problem with running Absolut Engine, contact me
at hide@address.com, but INCLUDE the number of version you use in
the subject!
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