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A2Z - WebBased Addressbook v.1.0.2
      December 5th 2000

	http://www.max-one.net/   <-- Thanks to cybercat.qc.ca for hosting!

Hi everyone!

Thanks for trying / using A2Z (GPL).

	1.The requirements
	2.A few steps and we're done
	3.Information for PowerUsers

Here is how to set it up:

1.First, the requirements

	MySQL and the rights to create a database
	A text editor

2.A few steps and we're done

	Copy all the files to your web directory; lets say we use /a2z for the
	purpose of this document.

	Change directory to a2z/sql/.

	To set the password the database will use, execute the following steps:

		$ vi CreateDB.sql

	You know have set the password that MySQL will use. Now, lets build
	that DB.

		$ mysql < CreateDB.txt

	There you are! Now go into the a2z/programs/ directory. Change the
	password by executing that same command as we did previously.

		$ vi dbkey.inc.php

	Allright! One last time... You must change you name and e-mail address.

		$ vi programs/master.functions.inc.php

	You are now ready to access A2Z by your web browser and enter any
	information you want. Just point your browser to /a2z/ or your own
	installation directory.

3.Information for PowerUsers

	The database name, username and password are to be modified in


	Your name and e-mail are in


Until next time,
have fun!

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