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//////////////////////////                              CHANGES                              ////////////////////

1. Change: Text-decoration NONE for links on articles.
2. Fix: <title> tags now show.
3. Fix: Security fixes.
4. Change: NOINDEX, NOFOLLOW, NOARCHIVE robots for revised pages.
5. Change: Parser overhaul. Regular expressions replace str_replace for tokens.
6. Change: Index.php changed. Index templates use eliminated. 
7. Change: Sample posts included in installer.
8. New: Internal Linking syntax [[Link Text::post ID]] or [[Link Text|Existing Page's Title]].
9. Change: Installer Check checks for the maintenance folder too.
10. Change: Changes to the Login and Logout scripts.
11. Fix: Page will not be saved into our DB if a user tampers with the title during Editing.
12. Fix: Fixed the bug that prevented page saves if a duplicate key (id) of an article is found. This bug occurred if you deleted one of the revisions and tried saving a new edit that has a similar name.
13. Change: "Welcome" sample post changed to "Hello World" sample post.
14. Fix: Link on the "Not Logged in" message for admin-only pages points to the right page. Fix for "Object Not Found" error message when the link is clicked.
15. Change: "Hello World!" post/page, formerly the "Welcome" page, external links now point to the English Wikipedia.
16. Change: External Linking syntax changed from elink::http://...::elink TO link::http://...::link.
17: Fix: ErrorReporting() function for switching ON/OFF PHP's error_reporting. Fix for NOTICES showing.
18. Change: Addition of new constants on the config file, 230.php.
19. Change: "Home" and "Login" buttons use GET instead of POST.
20. Change: Updated the README.txt and README.php files. Content written using 230 CMS Syntax Formatting.

1. Change:  Minor tweaks to the indexTemplates.
2. Fix: "All Pages", "Admin" and "Revisions" use GET. Fix for issue of "Firefox Resend" popup appearing when the "Back" button is clicked.
3. Change: README, CONTRIBUTORS, UPGRADE and CLASSES files converted to PHP files from text files. 
4. Change: Backend aesthetics changes.
5. Change: functions CSSEngine() and TPLEngine().
6. Change: Theme tweaks.
7. Fix: Error handling changes.
8. Fix: Get revisions data validation fix.

1. Fix: SQL Security vuln fixes.
2. Fix: Empty records cannot be inserted into the database during creation.
3. Change: Pages cannot be saved without an edit summary.
4. Change: Headline 1 h1:: syntax eliminated.
5. Change: "All Pages" and "Revisions Page" follow the site's templating engine.
6. Change: Bulleted lists lines appended with double bullets (**) and numbered lists lines appended with double hashes (##).

1. Revisions introduced. You can  see whatever pages have been revised under the 'Revisions' page.
2. Revisions filter for articles that have to be shown on our homepage. Only those pages that are NOT revisions are shown.
3. All Pages only shows the latest pages; those that have not been revised.
4. Bug Fix: Links on Administration-Delete now point to the actual article.
5. Change: Home link introduced on admin and user pages.
6. Bug Fix: Corrected "blockquote" regex.
7. Change: Data validation fixes.
8. Change: "Homepage" link on indexTemplate.php files removed.
9. Change: Security fixes. 
10. Change: Upgrade script from r0.1 introduced. 
11. Change: "Go Home" link on Administration and User special pages.
12. Change: Theme fixes.
13. Fix: User page "edited by" link shows Username.
14. Fix: Paragraphs regex created.
15. Change: function ArticleTitle() to trim article titles.

1. Change: Update to robots-sample file.
2. Change: Themes' index.php templates fixes.

1. Change: Security fixes.
2. Change: Edit form title input read-only if user has no Moderator and/or Admin privileges.
3. Bug Fix: Links on the Admin delete page now do not generate 404 errors.
4. Bug Fix: Blockquote fix.
5. Bug Fix: "Edited by" shows editor's username.
6. Fix: Notebook Theme font style.
7. Change: Special pages: Users, admin and editing pages.

1. Bug Fix: SQL syntax correction on installation.

This was the first release. 

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