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 *                                                                        *
 *                                                                        *
 *           Script: 11in1                                                *
 *          Version: 1.0.1                                                *
 *      Description: an open source content managment system (CMS)        *
 *               By: Eyad Fallatah of Emuci Inc.                          *
 *             File: lang/English.php                                     *
 *          Website: http://www.11in1.org                                 *
 *            Email: hide@address.com                                       *
 *                                                                        *
 *                                                                        *
 *                                                                        *
 *                                                                        *
 *   This script is freeware and you can use it however you like at       *
 *   your own risk. If you are interested in contributing to the          *
 *   development of this script, please visit our website.                *
 *                                                                        *
 *                                                                        *

// protect the included files by defining a permission

// Current Version
$lang_version = "version 1.0.1";
$lang_code = "en";
$lang_11in1 = "11in1";
$lang_lang = "English";
$lang_iso = "en_US";
$lang_slogan = "Eleven Other Reasons To Love Blogging";

// Text Direction & Encoding
$lang_dir = "ltr";
$lang_encoding = "windows-1252";

// Errors Language
$lang_error_systemMessage = "System Message";
$lang_error_unableToConnectToDatabase = "Unable to connect to the database. Modify the information in includes/config.php then ";
$lang_error_scriptNotInstalled = "11in1 is not installed yet. Modify the information in includes/config.php then ";
$lang_error_missingTables = "Database is corrupted";
$lang_error_clickHere = "click here";
$lang_error_toRunInstall = "to run the install script.";
$lang_error_removeInstallFile = "You have to remove the install folder in order to proceed";
$lang_error_tryAgain = "Try Again";
$lang_error_goHome = "Home Page";
$lang_error_goBack = "Go Back";
$lang_error_invalidRequestTitle = "Invalid Request";
$lang_error_invalidRequestMsg = "Unable to process your request. Please try again later";
$lang_error_unableToSend = "Unable to Send";
$lang_error_unableToSendMsg = "You may not send a blank email";
$lang_error_emptyField = "Empty Field";
$lang_error_enterUsername = "You have to enter your username in order to continue";
$lang_error_enterPassword = "You have to enter your password in order to continue";
$lang_error_loginFailed = "Login Failed";
$lang_error_inccorectUsernameOrPassword = "Incorrect Username and/or Password";
$lang_error_loggedOutTitle = "Logged Out";
$lang_error_loggedOutMsg = "You have been successfully logged out from the admin panel";
$lang_error_panelLocked = "Admin Panel Locked";
$lang_error_loginAttemptsExceeded = "You have exceeded your login limit. You may try to login again after 24 hours";
$lang_error_blacklisted = "You have been blacklisted and you may not login to this admin panel anytime soon";
$lang_error_unableToAdd = "Unable to Add";
$lang_error_unableToAddTask = "You have to fill the name field in order to add the task";
$lang_error_unableToAddSection = "You have to fill the name field in order to add the new section";
$lang_error_unableToAddMark = "All fields are required in order to add this mark";
$lang_error_unableToAddPage = "You have to fill the name field in order to continue";
$lang_error_unableToSaveSettings = "All fields are required in order to continue";
$lang_error_unableToSaveBecauseWW = "You have to specify the width of the popup windows in order to continue";
$lang_error_unableToSaveBecauseWH = "You have to specify the height of the popup windows in order to continue";
$lang_error_unableToDoGeneral = "All fields are required in order to continue";
$lang_error_unableToAddTopic1 = "You have to fill the name field in order to continue";
$lang_error_unableToAddTopic2 = "You have to fill the content field in order to continue";
$lang_error_unableToAddTopic3 = "No section was specified";
$lang_error_unableToAddTopic4 = "Invalid Thumbnail. Only jpg, jpeg, gif and png files are allowed";
$lang_error_unableToAddTopic5 = "Invalid Main Picture. Only jpg, jpeg, gif and png files are allowed";
$lang_error_unknown = "Unknown Error";
$lang_error_missingField = "Missing Field";
$lang_error_allFieldsAreRequired = "All fields are required in order to continue";
$lang_error_pageReq1 = "You have to fill the HTML Content field for this type of pages";
$lang_error_pageReq2 = "You have to fill the URL field for this type of pages";
$lang_error_deleteSection = "Unable to Delete";
$lang_error_deleteSectionMsg = "You are deleting the only section you have. Create a new section if you want to delete this one";
$lang_error_noContacts = "You do not have any contacts yet";
$lang_error_invalidEmailT = "Invalid Email Address";
$lang_error_invalidEmailM = "The email address you entered appears to be invalid.";
$lang_error_unableToSubscribeT = "Unable to Subscribe";
$lang_error_unableToSubscribeM = "This email has already been add to the mailing list";
$lang_error_unableToUnsubscribeT = "Unable to Unsubscribe";
$lang_error_unableToUnsubscribeM = "This email does not exist in the mailing list";
$lang_error_subscribedT = "Subscribed";
$lang_error_subscribedM = "Your email has been successfully added to the list";
$lang_error_unsubscribedT = "Unsubscribed";
$lang_error_unsubscribedM = "Your email has been successfully removed to the list";
$lang_error_invalidCaptchaT = "Invalid Code";
$lang_error_invalidCaptchaM = "The security code you have entered does not match the one on picture";
$lang_error_messageSentToAdminT = "Message Sent";
$lang_error_messageSentToAdminM = "Your message was successfully sent";
$lang_error_signatureAddedT1 = "Comment Saved";
$lang_error_signatureAddedC1 = "Your comment has been saved and is awaiting approval";
$lang_error_signatureAddedT2 = "Comment Submitted";
$lang_error_signatureAddedC2 = "Your comment has been successfully submitted";
$lang_error_settingsRestT = "Reset Settings";
$lang_error_settingsRestM = "All settings have been successfully reset";
$lang_error_missingAttachmentT = "File Not Found";
$lang_error_missingAttachmentC = "The requested file is no longer available";

// Install Language
$lang_install_title = "Installing 11in1";
$lang_install_step = "Step";
$lang_install_of = "of";
$lang_install_submit = "Next";
$lang_install_resubmit = "Try Again";
$lang_install_step1_title = "Instructions";
$lang_install_step2_title = "Configuring";
$lang_install_step3_title = "Connecting";
$lang_install_step4_title = "Creating Tables";
$lang_install_step5_title = "Personalizing";
$lang_install_step6_title = "Done!";
$lang_install_step7_title = "Redirecting";
$lang_install_error_found_title = "Connection Error";
$lang_install_corruption_found_title = "Corrupted Data";
$lang_install_error_found_message = "Unable to connect to the database. Please check your includes/config.php then try again. If the problem continue to persist, please consider starting the installation process from the very beginning.";
$lang_install_corruption_found_message = "The submitted data is corrupted. If you have manually modified any files, please consider downloading a clean version of 11in1.";
$lang_install_step1_content_1 = "You have to manually edit and upload includes/config.php before you start"; 
$lang_install_step1_content_2 = "Existing data in your database (if any) will be permanently deleted";
$lang_install_step2_content_1 = "Database Host"; 
$lang_install_step2_content_2 = "Database Name"; 
$lang_install_step2_content_3 = "Database Username"; 
$lang_install_step2_content_4 = "Database Password";
$lang_install_step3_content_1 = "Connected to the host";
$lang_install_step3_content_2 = "Connected to the database";
$lang_install_step3_content_3 = "Ready to create and populate the tables";
$lang_install_step4_content_1 = "Created the necessary tables";
$lang_install_step4_content_2 = "Populated all tables";
$lang_install_step4_content_3 = "Ready to personalize 11in1";
$lang_install_step5_content_1 = "Website Name";
$lang_install_step5_content_2 = "Admin Username";
$lang_install_step5_content_3 = "Admin Password";
$lang_install_step5_content_4 = "Admin Email";
$lang_install_step6_content_1 = "You have successfully completed the installation process.";
$lang_install_step6_content_2 = "Memorize the username and password that you've just made in order to use them later to access the admin panel.";
$lang_install_step6_content_3 = "Click (Next Step) to be redirected to the admin panel";
$lang_install_step7_content_1 = "Please wait while you are being redirected";
$lang_install_sample_section = "Sample Section";
$lang_install_sample_desc = "A sample section that you can modify or delete from the control panel";
$lang_install_sample_topic = "11in1 is Successfully Installed";
$lang_install_sample_content = "You have successfully installed 11in1. You can modify or delete this sample topic from the admin control Panel (The Backend). \n\nTo access the admin panel, redirect your browser to /admin and enter the username and password that you have chosen during the installation process. It is extremely important to keep your login information in a safe place as you might not be able to reset them once they are lost. \n\nPlease refer to the documentation in order to find more important information regarding your admin panel. The documentation is also a valuable resource for tricks and tips that make managing your blog even easier.";
$lang_install_todo_01_content = "Pick your language and set your appearance preferences";
$lang_install_todo_02_content = "Link your Facebook and Twitter accounts";
$lang_install_todo_03_content = "Add new sections to your 11in1 and keep things even more organized";
$lang_install_todo_04_content = "Start posting new topics";
$lang_install_todo_05_content = "Add new contacts and stay in touch";
$lang_install_todo_06_content = "Invite your friends to visit";
$lang_install_page_name_1 = "Sample Page";
$lang_install_page_desc_1 = "
<h1>External Pages</h1>

<div align=\"left\">
The support of External Pages page is one of 11in1's many cool features. Through your admin panel (The Backend), you can create your own pages and modify them the way you want using:
<li>HTML Code</li>
<li>and all other technologies</li>

You may also use External Pages as weblinks to your favorite websites. External pages are usually used to:
<li>Make biography pages</li>
<li>Display other PHP scripts running on your server</li>
<li>Display embedded HTML</li>
<li>Create forms</li>
<li>And much much more...</li>


Check it out now!!
$lang_install_page_name_2 = "Sample Web Link";
$lang_install_page_desc_2 = "http://www.11in1.org";
$lang_install_errorAlert = "Unable to communicate with your database. Check the content of includes/config.php then click on next to move forward";

// Admin Alerts Language
$lang_backend_alert_title_00 = "No Alerts to Display";
$lang_backend_alert_title_01 = "Install folder hasn't been deleted yet";
$lang_backend_alert_title_02 = "Firewall hasn't been configured yet";
$lang_backend_alert_title_03 = "At least (1) Unauthorized attempts to access the admin panel";
$lang_backend_alert_title_04 = "At least (1) blacklisted user";
$lang_backend_alert_desc_01 = "It seems like you have not deleted the install folder yet. Others might still be able to re-run the install script and erase the content of your database. Renaming the folder and/or the install file is not sufficient to avoid this security threat.";
$lang_backend_alert_desc_02 = "You have to setup a firewall to protect the admin panel. To do so, create and upload a .htaccess file to '/admin' that contains a strong password. Your .htaccess file can also be used to allow only some IP address to access the panel.";
$lang_backend_alert_desc_03 = "There is at least one unsuccessful attempt to access the admin panel. If this was not you, you should consider setting up your firewall. Go to the settings page to view the IP addresses of all uses who have attempt to access the panel.";
$lang_backend_alert_desc_04 = "There is at least one blacklisted user. Go to the settings page to view the IP addresses of all blacklisted users. These users will still be able to view the main page but will never be given access to the admin panel.";

// Backend Language
$lang_backend_11in1adminPanel = "11in1 Admin Panel";
$lang_backend_adminPanel = "Admin Panel";
$lang_backend_username = "Username";
$lang_backend_password = "Password";
$lang_backend_login = "Login";
$lang_backend_adminPanelHome = "Main Page";
$lang_backend_menuLink01 = "Main";
$lang_backend_menuLink02 = "Settings";
$lang_backend_menuLink03 = "Sections";
$lang_backend_menuLink04 = "Topics";
$lang_backend_menuLink05 = "StreamLine";
$lang_backend_menuLink06 = "Pages";
$lang_backend_menuLink07 = "Guestbook";
$lang_backend_menuLink08 = "Mail";
$lang_backend_menuLink09 = "Logout";
$lang_backend_copyrights = "11in1 is an open source Content Management System that is available under the GNU license. Everyone is permitted to copy and distribute copies of this script without the consent of the original author.";
$lang_backend_sidemenu_01_title = "Quick Links";
$lang_backend_sidemenu_02_title = "Notifications & Alerts";
$lang_backend_sidemenu_03_title = "Knowledge Center";
$lang_backend_sidemenu_01_link = "Customize This List";
$lang_backend_sidemenu_02_link = "Notification Center";
$lang_backend_sidemenu_03_link = "Read License Agreement";
$lang_backend_sidemenu_03_element_01 = "11in1 News";
$lang_backend_sidemenu_03_element_02 = "Installation Guide";
$lang_backend_footer_01_t = "About";
$lang_backend_footer_01_01 = "11in1";
$lang_backend_footer_01_02 = "Emuci Inc.";
$lang_backend_footer_01_03 = "SVN Repository";
$lang_backend_footer_02_t = "Keep in Touch";
$lang_backend_footer_02_01 = "Contact Us";
$lang_backend_footer_02_02 = "Facebook";
$lang_backend_footer_02_03 = "Twitter";
$lang_backend_footer_03_t = "Legal Notices";
$lang_backend_footer_03_01 = "Software License";
$lang_backend_footer_03_02 = "Disclaimer";
$lang_backend_subsection_main_01 = "What To Do?";
$lang_backend_subsection_main_02 = "Mini Statistics";
$lang_backend_subsection_main_03 = "Who's Online";
$lang_backend_subsection_main_04 = "Pending Comments";
$lang_backend_subsection_settings_01 = "System Configurations";
$lang_backend_subsection_settings_02 = "General Settings";
$lang_backend_subsection_settings_03 = "Social Bookmarks";
$lang_backend_subsection_settings_04 = "Thumbnails";
$lang_backend_subsection_settings_05 = "Display Preferences";
$lang_backend_subsection_settings_06 = "Security Management";
$lang_backend_subsection_sections_01 = "List of Sections";
$lang_backend_subsection_pages_01 = "List of Pages";
$lang_backend_subsection_topics_01 = "List of Topics";
$lang_backend_subsection_guestbook_01 = "List of Entries";
$lang_backend_subsection_mail_01 = "Inbox";
$lang_backend_id = "ID";
$lang_backend_ip = "IP Address";
$lang_backend_currentPage = "Current Page";
$lang_backend_topic = "Topic Name";
$lang_backend_page = "Page Name";
$lang_backend_by = "BY";
$lang_backend_clearList = "Clear List";
$lang_backend_actions = "Actions";
$lang_backend_resetSettings = "Reset All Settings";
$lang_backend_saveSettings = "Save Settings";
$lang_backend_stats_01 = "Total Sections";
$lang_backend_stats_02 = "Total Topics";
$lang_backend_stats_03 = "Total Comments";
$lang_backend_stats_04 = "Entries in Guestbook";
$lang_backend_stats_05 = "Total Visitors";
$lang_backend_stats_06 = "Total Contacts";
$lang_backend_stats_07 = "Total Messages";
$lang_backend_stats_08 = "Total Pages";
$lang_backend_stats_09 = "Total Tasks";
$lang_backend_noResults = "There are no results to display at this time";
$lang_backend_delete = "Delete";
$lang_backend_view = "View";
$lang_backend_edit = "Edit";
$lang_backend_viewContact = "View Contact Information";
$lang_backend_editContact = "Edit Contact Information";
$lang_backend_viewComment = "View Comment";
$lang_backend_editComment = "Edit Comment";
$lang_backend_viewMessage = "View Message";
$lang_backend_editMessage = "Edit Message";
$lang_backend_viewEntry = "View Entry";
$lang_backend_editEntry = "Edit Entry";
$lang_backend_viewPage = "View Page";
$lang_backend_editPage = "Edit Page";
$lang_backend_viewTopic = "View Topic";
$lang_backend_editTopic = "Edit Topic";
$lang_backend_viewSection = "View Section";
$lang_backend_editSection = "Edit Sections";
$lang_backend_saveMark = "Save Mark";
$lang_backend_deleteMark = "Delete Mark";
$lang_backend_comments = "View Comments";
$lang_backend_loadMore = "Load More";
$lang_backend_fileNotFound = "File Not Found"; 
$lang_backend_fileNotFoundExpl = "Unable to read the requested file or unable to access the folder /doc on server";
$lang_backend_noNews = "Unable to find any news regarding 11in1";
$lang_backend_confirm = "You will not be able to undo this action. Do you sill want to continue?";
$lang_backend_confirm2 = "You will not be able to undo this action. All comments associated with this topic (if any) will be permanently deleted. Do you sill want to continue?";
$lang_backend_confirm3 = "You will not be able to undo this action. All topics and comments associated with this section (if any) will be permanently deleted. Do you sill want to continue?";
$lang_backend_request_executed = "Execution Succeeded";
$lang_backend_markDeleted = "The designated mark was successfully deleted";
$lang_backend_todoDeleted = "The designated task was successfully deleted";
$lang_backend_statusDeleted = "The designated status was successfully deleted";
$lang_backend_commentDeleted = "The designated comment was successfully deleted";
$lang_backend_topicDeleted = "The designated topic and its comments was successfully deleted";
$lang_backend_gbDeleted = "The designated entry was successfully deleted from your guestbook";
$lang_backend_pageDeleted = "The designated page was successfully deleted";
$lang_backend_secDeleted = "The designated section was successfully deleted";
$lang_backend_messageDeleted = "The designated message was successfully deleted from your inbox";
$lang_backend_contactDeleted = "The designated contact was successfully deleted";
$lang_backend_searchResults = "Search Results";
$lang_backend_sections = "Sections";
$lang_backend_settings = "Settings";
$lang_backend_searchPosts = "Search";
$lang_backend_guestbook = "Guestbook";
$lang_backend_streamline = "StreamLine";
$lang_backend_pages = "Pages";
$lang_backend_topics = "Topics";
$lang_backend_mail = "Mail";
$lang_backend_taskName= "Task Name";
$lang_backend_taskTyp = "Type";
$lang_backend_type = "Type";
$lang_backend_submit = "Submit";
$lang_backend_taskType1 = "Something to add";
$lang_backend_taskType2 = "Something to keep in mind";
$lang_backend_taskType3 = "Something important";
$lang_backend_elementAdd = "The designated element was successfully added";
$lang_backend_elementRemoved = "The designated element was successfully removed";
$lang_backend_taskAdded = "Your new task was successfully added";
$lang_backend_sectionAdded =  "Your new section was successfully added";
$lang_backend_markAdded = "Your new social mark was successfully added";
$lang_backend_pageAdded =  "Your new page was successfully added";
$lang_backend_topicAdded = "Your new topic was successfully added";
$lang_backend_emailSent = "Your message was successfully sent";
$lang_backend_listOfSections = "List of Sections";
$lang_backend_listOfPages = "List of Pages";
$lang_backend_listOfTopics = "List of Topics";
$lang_backend_addNewSection = "Add New Section";
$lang_backend_addNewPage = "Add New Page";
$lang_backend_addNewTopic = "Add New Topic";
$lang_backend_gbEntries = "Guestbook Entries";
$lang_backend_streamlineEntries = "My StreamLine";
$lang_backend_streamlinePost = "Update Your Status";
$lang_backend_streamlineConnectionStatus = "Connectivity State";
$lang_backend_streamlineGivePerms = "Connect & Give Permissions";
$lang_backend_inbox = "My Inbox";
$lang_backend_contacts = "My Contacts";
$lang_backend_groupEmail = "Send Group Email";
$lang_backend_name = "Name";
$lang_backend_section = "Section";
$lang_backend_allowComments = "Allow comments";
$lang_backend_desc = "Description";
$lang_backend_post = "Post";
$lang_backend_yes = "Yes";
$lang_backend_no = "No";
$lang_backend_none = "None";
$lang_backend_ascending = "Ascending";
$lang_backend_descending = "Descending";
$lang_backend_visible = "Visible to Visitors";
$lang_backend_url = "URL";
$lang_backend_locationCountry = "Country";
$lang_backend_content = "Content";
$lang_backend_htmlContent = "HTML Content";
$lang_backend_pageType1 = "HTML Page";
$lang_backend_pageType2 = "HTML Popup Window";
$lang_backend_pageType3 = "External Link";
$lang_backend_sec = "Section";
$lang_backend_mainPicture = "Main Picture";
$lang_backend_thumbnail = "Thumbnail";
$lang_backend_title = "Title";
$lang_backend_date = "Date";
$lang_backend_status = "Status";
$lang_backend_date = "Date";
$lang_backend_approved = "Approved";
$lang_backend_active = "Active";
$lang_backend_inactive = "Inactive";
$lang_backend_from = "From";
$lang_backend_writtenBy = "Written By";
$lang_backend_fromCountry = "From";
$lang_backend_email = "Email"; 
$lang_backend_send = "Send"; 
$lang_backend_message = "Message"; 
$lang_backend_replay = "Replay";
$lang_backend_save = "Save";
$lang_backend_viewBlacklist = "Click here to view your blacklist";
$lang_backend_viewFailedAttempts = "Click here to view all failed attempts";
$lang_backend_commnet = "Comment";
$lang_backend_unableToSave = "Unable to Save";
$lang_backend_dataSaved = "Your changes were successfully saved";
$lang_backend_blacklistCleared = "The blacklist was successfully cleared";
$lang_backend_attemptslistCleared = "The attempts list was successfully cleared";
$lang_backend_statusPosted = "Your status was successfully updated and is now showing on your StreamLine";
$lang_backend_visibleLegend = "Visible";
$lang_backend_totalViewers = "Total Viewers";
$lang_backend_commentsListV = "Comments";
$lang_backend_commentsListM = "List of Comments";
$lang_backend_topicsPerSection = "Topics of";
$lang_backend_listOfComments = "This Topic's Comments";
$lang_backend_topicsOf = "Topics of";
$lang_backend_commentsOf = "Comments of";
$lang_backend_searchTitle = "Title";
$lang_backend_typeTopic = "Topic";
$lang_backend_typeComment = "Comment";
$lang_backend_typePage = "Page";
$lang_backend_typeGPE = "Guestbook Entry";
$lang_backend_typeMSG = "Message";
$lang_backend_viewSearchResult = "View Search Result";
$lang_backend_deleteSearchResult = "Delete Search Result";
$lang_backend_yourMessageWasSuccessfullySent = "Your message was successfully sent to";
$lang_backend_subscribers = "subscribers";
$lang_backend_thereAreAlso = " There are";
$lang_backend_statusUpdatWindow = "Updating Your Status at Social Networks";
$lang_backend_whoHaveNotRecievedTheMessage = " other failed attempts to send the message";
$lang_backend_settingsCatTitle_01 = "General Settings";
$lang_backend_settingsCatTitle_02 = "Admin Settings";
$lang_backend_settingsCatTitle_03 = "Social Marks";
$lang_backend_settingsCatTitle_04 = "Connecting to Social Networks";
$lang_backend_settingsCatTitle_05 = "Pictures Settings";
$lang_backend_settingsCatTitle_06 = "Content Display Settings";
$lang_backend_settingsCatTitle_07 = "Popup Windows Settings";
$lang_backend_settingsCatTitle_08 = "Organization";
$lang_backend_settingsCatTitle_09 = "Filtering Settings";
$lang_backend_settingsCatTitle_10 = "Security Settings";
$lang_backend_settingsCatTitle_11 = "Alerts Settings";
$lang_backend_settingsLegend_blogName = "Website Name";
$lang_backend_settingsLegend_blogURL = "Website URL";
$lang_backend_settingsLegend_lang = "Language";
$lang_backend_settingsLegend_location = "Location";
$lang_backend_settingsLegend_template = "Template";
$lang_backend_settingsLegend_meta = "Meta Keywords";
$lang_backend_settingsLegend_desc = "Meta Description";
$lang_backend_settingsLegend_username = "Admin Username";
$lang_backend_settingsLegend_password = "Admin Password";
$lang_backend_settingsLegend_email = "Email Address";
$lang_backend_settingsLegend_alert1 = "New Security Threat";
$lang_backend_settingsLegend_alert2 = "New Comment";
$lang_backend_settingsLegend_alert3 = "New Guestbook Entry"; 
$lang_backend_settingsLegend_alert4 = "New Mail";
$lang_backend_settingsLegend_social1 = "Facebook Account"; 
$lang_backend_settingsLegend_social2 = "Twitter Account"; 
$lang_backend_settingsLegend_social3 = "Linkedin Account"; 
$lang_backend_settingsLegend_thumbs1 = "Enable Thumbnails"; 
$lang_backend_settingsLegend_thumbs2 = "Thumbnail Width"; 
$lang_backend_settingsLegend_thumbs3 = "Thumbnail Height";
$lang_backend_settingsLegend_thumbs4 = "When Resizing Thumbnails";
$lang_backend_settingsLegend_thumbs5 = "Max Width of Main Image";
$lang_backend_settingsLegend_display1 = "Allow Comments";
$lang_backend_settingsLegend_display2 = "Auto Validate Posts";
$lang_backend_settingsLegend_display3 = "Sort By";
$lang_backend_settingsLegend_display4 = "Sort Order";
$lang_backend_settingsLegend_popup = "Window Style";
$lang_backend_settingsLegend_display5 = "Window Width";
$lang_backend_settingsLegend_display6 = "Window Height";
$lang_backend_settingsLegend_display7 = "Topics Per Load";
$lang_backend_settingsLegend_display8 = "Comments Per Load";
$lang_backend_settingsLegend_display9 = "Guestbook Entries Per Load";
$lang_backend_settingsLegend_display10 = "Cell Per Row";
$lang_backend_settingsLegend_display11 = "Rows Per Load";
$lang_backend_settingsLegend_display12 = "Enable Filtering";
$lang_backend_settingsLegend_display13 = "Replacement Word";
$lang_backend_settingsLegend_display14 = "Rows in Main Page";
$lang_backend_settingsLegend_security1 = "Login Attempts";
$lang_backend_settingsLegend_security2 = "View BlackList";
$lang_backend_settingsLegend_security3 = "View Failed Attempts";
$lang_backend_facebookSettings = "Facebook Settings";
$lang_backend_twitterSettings = "Twitter Settings";
$lang_backend_11in1Settings = "11in1 Settings";
$lang_backend_addSocialMark = "Add Social Mark";
$lang_backend_addSocialMarkDesc = "Click here to add social marks";
$lang_backend_popupType1 = "Classic (Not Recommended)";
$lang_backend_popupType2 = "Black Box";
$lang_backend_popupType3 = "White Bubble";
$lang_backend_popupType4 = "White Bubble - Auto Sized";
$lang_backend_sortType1 = "Name";
$lang_backend_sortType2 = "Date";
$lang_backend_sortType3 = "Total Viewer";
$lang_backend_settingsDesc01 = "Provide a brief description of your website";
$lang_backend_settingsDesc02 = "separate each keyword with a comma";
$lang_backend_settingsDesc03 = "Leave it blank if you wish to keep your password";
$lang_backend_alertLang_01 = "You have";
$lang_backend_alertLang_02 = "new security threat(s)";
$lang_backend_alertLang_03 = "new comment(s)";
$lang_backend_alertLang_04 = "new guestbook entry(s)";
$lang_backend_alertLang_05 = "new message(s)";
$lang_backend_tps = "Topics Associated With This Section";
$lang_backend_tpsV = "Topics Associated with This Section";
$lang_backend_quickMenu_01 = "Edit Settings";
$lang_backend_quickMenu_02 = "Add New Task";
$lang_backend_quickMenu_03 = "View Sections";
$lang_backend_quickMenu_04 = "Add New Section";
$lang_backend_quickMenu_05 = "View Topics";
$lang_backend_quickMenu_06 = "Add New Topic";
$lang_backend_quickMenu_07 = "View Pages";
$lang_backend_quickMenu_08 = "Add New Page";
$lang_backend_quickMenu_09 = "View Guestbook Entries";
$lang_backend_quickMenu_10 = "Read Mail";
$lang_backend_quickMenu_11 = "Send Message";
$lang_backend_quickMenu_12 = "Manage Contacts";
$lang_backend_add = "Add";
$lang_backend_qmLegend_01 = "Elements already added";
$lang_backend_qmLegend_02 = "Elements you can add";
$lang_backend_qmNoElement = "List is empty";
$lang_backend_allowSync = "Allow Sync";
$lang_backend_resizeOption01 = "Set proportions equal to default width and hight (Recommanded)";
$lang_backend_resizeOption02 = "Constrain Proportions";
$lang_backend_popupAllowForGB = "Show Guestbook in Popup";
$lang_backend_popupAllowForStream = "Show Streamline in Popup";
$lang_backend_pixels = "Pixels";
$lang_backend_commentsType01 = "Independent";
$lang_backend_commentsType02 = "Facebook Commenting System";
$lang_backend_commentsTypeLegend = "Commenting System";
$lang_backend_resetMessage = "The settings of your 11in1 will be set to default but the content will not be affected. This action can not be undone. Do you still want to continue?";
$lang_backend_dateFormat = "Time Format";
$lang_backend_facebookWidth = "Width of Facebook Comments";
$lang_backend_dateFormat00 = "24-Hour Format";
$lang_backend_dateFormat01 = "12-Hour Format";
$lang_backend_attachment = "Attachment";
$lang_backend_badwordsV = "List of Bad Words";
$lang_backend_deleteStatus = "Delete";
$lang_backend_charLong = "Characters Left";

// Frontend Language
$lang_frontend_topics = "Home Page";
$lang_frontend_streamLine = "Stream Line";
$lang_frontend_guestbook = "My Guestbook";
$lang_frontend_contactMe = "Contact Me";
$lang_frontend_copyrights = "Powered By <a href='http://www.11in1.org' target='_blank'>11in1</a>";
$lang_frontend_home = "Home Page";
$lang_frontend_searhc = "Search";
$lang_frontend_next = "Next";
$lang_frontend_prev = "Previous";
$lang_frontend_subscribe = "Subscribe";
$lang_frontend_unsubscribe = "Unsubscribe";
$lang_frontend_submit = "Submit";
$lang_frontend_sideMenuTitle01 = "Main Menu";
$lang_frontend_sideMenuTitle02 = "Mailing List";
$lang_frontend_readMore = "Read More ...";
$lang_frontend_postedIn = "Posted in";
$lang_frontend_postedOnDate = "Posted on";
$lang_frontend_onDate = "on";
$lang_frontend_name = "Your Name";
$lang_frontend_location = "Location";
$lang_frontend_title = "Title";
$lang_frontend_comment = "Comment";
$lang_frontend_email = "Email Address";
$lang_frontend_contactFormName = "Your Name";
$lang_frontend_contactFormEmail = "Your Email";
$lang_frontend_contactFormLocation = "Your Location";
$lang_frontend_contactFormTitle = "Title";
$lang_frontend_contactFormComment = "Comment";
$lang_frontend_contactFormCaptcha = "Security Code";
$lang_frontend_searchResult = "Search Results";
$lang_frontend_noResults = "Your search did not match any topics<br>
Make sure all words are spelled correctly or try more general keywords";
$lang_frontend_noGBEntries = "There are no entries in the guestbook";
$lang_frontend_noComments = "There are no comments associated with this topic";
$lang_frontend_byAuthor = "By";
$lang_frontend_fromCountry = "from";
$lang_frontend_loadMore = "Load More";
$lang_frontend_commentsTitle = "Comments";
$lang_frontend_to = "to";
$lang_frontend_outOF = "out of";
$lang_frontend_showing = "Showing";

// Time & Date Language
$lang_td_01 = "January";
$lang_td_02 = "February";
$lang_td_03 = "March";
$lang_td_04 = "April";
$lang_td_05 = "May";
$lang_td_06 = "June";
$lang_td_07 = "July";
$lang_td_08 = "August";
$lang_td_09 = "September";
$lang_td_10 = "October";
$lang_td_11 = "November";
$lang_td_12 = "December";		
$lang_td_at = "at";
$lang_td_am = "AM";
$lang_td_pm = "PM";

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