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  1. Davor's PHP Constructor
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    Davor's PHP Constructor is a powerful, compact and fast Windows IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for PHP development. Key Features of Davor's PHP Constructor:- Free-style windowed interface with configurable desktop and multiple edit windows, providing special PHP features- Advanced multipaged editor with Syntax Highlighting for several programming languages (PHP, HTML, CSS, XML, JS, SQL, ASP, Perl, Python, Java + custom highlighting), ...
  2. PHPEclipse
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    PHPEclipse is a library that offers PHP support for the Eclipse IDE Framework. Key Features of PHPEclipse:- Syntax Coloring- Brackets Matching- Code folding- Code Completion- Parameter hints- Mark Occurrences- Hover Tooltips- PHP Manual integration- Code templatesRequirements:- Java- Eclipse
  3. Dev-PHP
    366 total visits
    Dev-PHP is a very well-featured integrated development environment (IDE) for PHP. You'll be able to create scripts and applications using the PHP scripting language and the PHP-GTK library (both included in the "PHP Package").Key Features of Dev-PHP:- Class browser- Scripts preview- Integration with PHP parsers- PHP-GTK library- XdebugWhat's New in This Release Dev-PHP:- Bugfix pathes with blank chars- Changed writing ...
  4. No Screenshot
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    Antechinus PHP Editor lets you create, edit and run PHP scripts from the integrated environment. Key Features of Antechinus PHP Editor:- Context-sensitive help: just hit F1 to receive help on the function, method, or property under the cursor- Help as you type: Intellisense/Auto-complete eliminates the need to memorize standard functions and parameter lists- Check PHP syntax with one click- Find ...
  5. SiteVision
    540 total visits
    SiteVision is an easy to use and yet powerful HTML Editor and web development suite that has advanced features for scripting in JavaScript and VBScript. It has a highly customizable development environment that can be used to create, edit, validate, preview and publish web pages and scripts. SiteVision is also a multi-purpose tool that has support for many scripting and ...
  6. TSW phpCoder 2008
    905 total visits
    TSW phpCoder 2008 is a fully featured PHP IDE, with all the features you will ever need for creating beautiful and dynamic websites. It comes with debugging, full IntelliSense, syntax check, Code Tidy, built-in FTP/SFTP/FTPS and MySQL client.With phpDoc support it allows you to document your code better, and the built-in project manager will help you keep track of your ...
  7. HandyHTML Studio
    1051 total visits
    HandyHTML Studio application was designed to be a powerful integrated web development environment that supports HTML / CSS / JavaScript / ASP / PHP / PERL / JAVA / XML and C as development languages. The application offers an extensive set of features to make the web developer's life easier, allowing creation and effective management of all kinds of web ...
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