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  1. PHP Code Library
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    PHP Code Library will makes it very easy to manage your source code (30 languages supported), paste your favorites code snippets quickly, save your data in a secure encrypted database, collect code snippets from any source, keep your code organized and synchronize rapidly changing data with your libraries! Source Code Library is a feature-rich source code library and clipboard extender.Functions ...
  2. SG7-Solution Generator
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    SG7-Solution Generator is a useful application with the help of which you are able to create either ASP, ASP.Net or PHP database Web solutions or directly connect to SQL Server, MS Access or MySQL (with PHP) databases.Features of SG7-Solution Generator:- Fast Database/Table Web Page Solutions- Control over which tables to use- Muliple Database platforms- And all of this in a ...
  3. Valentina PHP Client
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    Valentina PHP Client allows you to build powerful web based solutions around Valentina Office Server. Build database-enabled web sites that work with any type of data, including binary large objects ("BLOBs") and pictures.Valentina for PHP offers several sets of API methods:- mySQL compatible API: Designed to be 100% compatible with the PHP API for mySQL. Easily port any PHP code ...
  4. Access-PHP-MySQL-Magic
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    Access-PHP-MySQL-Magic is a powerful piece of software that enables you to store an Access database in a PHP script. By Running this PHP script once in your website, you will be able to Import your Access database to MySQL much faster than if MS Access databases were copied to MySQL database directly because the copying to MySQL database is executed ...
  5. dbQwikSite
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    dbQwikSite is software program that makes creating dynamic database websites easy. Normally, to make web forms and dynamic web pages that interact with a database you need to learn how to write web scripting languages such as ASP, PHP or .Net as well as JavaScript.But using dbQwikSite code generator software, you don't need to know how to code. It can ...
  6. Firebird Data Wizard
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    Firebird Data Wizard is a powerful Windows GUI software that will help you to manage your Firebird data. It provides you with a number of easy-to-use wizards for performing the required data manipulation easily and quickly.Firebird Data Wizard allows you to generate PHP scripts for the selected tables and queries, convert any ADO-compatible database to your Firebird database, export data ...
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