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  1. DBG
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    DBG works on a production and/or development WEB server and allows you debug your scripts locally or remotely, from an IDE or console. Key Features of DBG:- Native debugger. Works transparently, neither script nor PHP engine modifications required.- Server part (dbg module) runs on all platforms where PHP itself runs.- Works transparently across the global network as well as locally.- ...
  2. Oceantiger jDeveloper
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    All in one highly customizable and powerful java, html, css, php and xml editor. Class wizard that makes it easier to write classes. You type in the name of the class and the datamember names, and the wizzard generates the find (and set) functions,the toString function and a constructor for you (see tutorial for more info) (java).When you compile from ...
  3. Dev-PHP
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    Dev-PHP is a very well-featured integrated development environment (IDE) for PHP. You'll be able to create scripts and applications using the PHP scripting language and the PHP-GTK library (both included in the "PHP Package").Key Features of Dev-PHP:- Class browser- Scripts preview- Integration with PHP parsers- PHP-GTK library- XdebugWhat's New in This Release Dev-PHP:- Bugfix pathes with blank chars- Changed writing ...
  4. No Screenshot
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    ExeOutput for PHP is a Visual and Full-Featured PHP To EXE Compiler: it lets you create stand-alone Windows applications and software from PHP scripts and PHP websites. Desktop applications made with ExeOutput for PHP act as a web browser: the end user browses your PHP pages as if he was using his web browser, except that no internet connection, PHP ...
  5. HTML2PHP Converter
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    This is a simple conversion program which can be used to convert plain HTML (Hypertext Markup language) Code into PHP or ASP Script. PHP and ASP is the most demanding scripting language of Web developer today. And its users are increasing day by day.But writing PHP or ASP Code to generate the HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) Code is boring task ...
  6. ZZEE PHPExe
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    ZZEE PHPExe is a useful piece of software designed to compile HTML, PHP, JavaScript and other web files into Windows GUI applications. You can rapidly develop Windows GUI applications by employing the familiar PHP web paradigm. You can use the same code for online and Windows applications with little or no modification.Key Features of ZZEE PHPExe:- Applications compiled with ZZEE ...
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