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  1. No Screenshot
    284 total visits
    TSMail is a tiny application comes with lots of features like the support offered for SMTP/EMSTP/POP protocol based on WIN32 platform. It needs no installation because it is independent of the other DLLs. So This E-mail server software is easy to use and fully featured.Key Features of TSMail:- Support mutil-domain.- Support unlimited users.- Support auto-response and forward function.- Support limit ...
  2. Source Code Scanners for Delphi 6
    1212 total visits
    Source Code Scanners for Delphi 6 will enable you to create parsers and analyzers of source codes. It is the high performance library of visual components for C++ Builder and Delphi intended for creating analyzers and parsers of source codes.Source Code Scanners for Delphi 6 includes components of the C++ lexical analyzer, the Object Pascal (Delphi) lexical analizer, the PHP ...
  3. Alleycode HTML Editor
    755 total visits
    Alleycode HTML is an intuitive, robust and fully functional HTML editor. Alleycode introduces innovative features for rapid deployment such as Synchro View...Real time rendition with two way synchronized code/design view. For quick access to projects. Turf View... An unusual real estate view of your documents with fast right click control. CSS Wizard... A comprehensive Style Sheet Wizard which creates/updates either ...
  4. EZyourASP
    979 total visits
    EZyourASP offers a bunch of tools which allow you to work easier and faster in your day-today activities. Key Features of EZyourASP:- Syntax Highlighting- Code Insight- DataBase wizard- DomWalker- ProjectManager- HTMLExporter- ASP ANd PHP Debugger
  5. Access-PHP-MySQL-Magic
    513 total visits
    Access-PHP-MySQL-Magic is a powerful piece of software that enables you to store an Access database in a PHP script. By Running this PHP script once in your website, you will be able to Import your Access database to MySQL much faster than if MS Access databases were copied to MySQL database directly because the copying to MySQL database is executed ...
  6. 0-Code HTML Converter
    737 total visits
    0-Code HTML Converter is a handy software for web developers. Using this tool you can easily convert regular HTML code into PHP, ASP, Perl, JSP or JavaScript. Just enter the HTML code or load a HTML file and select the output format - the converted code can be saved to file or copied to the clipboard. In addition, 0-Code HTML ...
  7. Eclipse for PHP Developers
    1813 total visits
    Eclipse for PHP Developers is a useful development environment that comes fully equipped with all the tools for PHP developers creating Web applications, including PHP Development Tools (PDT), Web Tools Platform, Mylyn and others.
  8. No Screenshot
    441 total visits
    The AdvEdit application was designed to be an integrated web development environment especially created to facilitate handling common tasks such as updating files on the server, testing/validating html documents.Key Features of AdvEdit:- Workspace. With AdvEdit, you can quickly resume working on a project at the point you left it. For each project, AdvEdit saves the list of opened files, the ...
  9. TorrentTrader Clasic
    493 total visits
    TorrentTrader is a feature packed and highly customisable PHP/MySQL based BitTorrent tracker. Featuring intergrated forums, and plenty of administration options. Requirements:- PHP- MySQLWhat's New in This Release TorrentTrader Clasic:- account-settings.php- completed-advance.php
  10. BitNami WordPress Stack
    956 total visits
    BitNami WordPress stack is an easy-to-install distribution of the WordPress blogging software. The application includes ready-to-run, pre-configured versions of MySQL, Apache and PP so you can get an running installation of WordPresss in a matter of minutes.Key Features of BitNami WordPress Stack:- Easy to Install: . BitNami Stacks are built with one goal in mind: to make it as easy ...
  11. TrueBug PHP Encoder
    1039 total visits
    TrueBug PHP Obfuscator & Encoder is an utility for PHP application developers use to protect PHP source code from modification, the obfuscator scrambles class, function, variable, and constant names with a set of random-generate hashes, making source code harder to understand and reverse engineering, the software also include PHP encoder that turn source code from text to binary.Key Features of ...
  12. SiteMan
    1064 total visits
    SiteMan provides you the easiest way to create a professional web site.Functions of SiteMan:- Create unique templates of the web pages by choosing own colors and many other properties in visual mode- Create a difficult tables using build-in table generator simply by splitting cells with right-click of the mouse- Set file status to any file of your site directory (private, ...
  13. Strong Contact
    650 total visits
    Strong Contact enables you to quickly and easily create a contact form and publish it on your website. Besides regular fields for entering a name, e-mail address and message text, you can have as many additional fields as you like, which will allow you to collect any information you are interested in. These forms are based entirely on PHP and ...
  14. Tavrida WebSite Editor
    917 total visits
    Tavrida WebSite Editor is a Delphi-like editor tool for writing Web sites with PHP, PERL and database support and testing them on a built-in Web server.Key Features of Tavrida WebSite Editor:- Delphi(C++ Builder)-like interface: main window with a Tag palette (the analog of the Component palette) on the top, Tag editor (the analog of the Object Inspector) and Code editor ...
  15. SiteVision
    540 total visits
    SiteVision is an easy to use and yet powerful HTML Editor and web development suite that has advanced features for scripting in JavaScript and VBScript. It has a highly customizable development environment that can be used to create, edit, validate, preview and publish web pages and scripts. SiteVision is also a multi-purpose tool that has support for many scripting and ...
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