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  1. DzSoft WebPad
    637 total visits
    DzSoft WebPad is a HTML editor that has PHP and ASP syntax highlighting. It features one-click preview in built-in browser, HTML Tidy tool from the World Wide Web Consortium to format and cleanup your HTML code and much more. You can add virtually any feature to DzSoft WebPad with the power of conventional HTML and JavaScript.What's New in This Release ...
  2. PHP Designer
    4802 total visits
    PHP DESIGNER was created to help you enhance the process of edit, debug, analyze and publish PHP scripts all wrapped into a sophisticated streamlined interface! Get the complete IDE. Small in size but still one of the most popular award-winning IDE for editing, debugging, analyzing and publishing application- and websites powered by PHP and other web-languages. Developer Productivity. Time saving ...
  3. PublicPIM Website Database App
    411 total visits
    A Website Database application created with Javeline Framework over an open MySQL database and can be enhanced with PHP coding for using the info in the database from other places in the Website.Uploadable to a website and executable by hyperlinking to the pp-index.php file in the PublicPim subdirectory. The first person to register becomes SuperAdmin with rights to activate and ...
  4. Search Engine Creator for PHP
    1598 total visits
    Search Engine Creator - The simplest way to create a search engine script for all PHP websites. It will crawl a web site, indexing all the pages that it finds. It will then create PHP script files and XML file database. Everything the search engine needs will be located on YOUR server without any references to other websites to ensure ...
  5. No Screenshot
    1094 total visits
    Wolf Web Editor Pro is for those who have knowledge of a little how to code html web sites. The program is like notepad, only it has added a preview to make it easier. The only limitation is your programming skills!Wolf Web Editor Pro also features Code Generator to help you make html codes. Wolf Web Editor is not installing ...
  6. No Screenshot
    1008 total visits
    HTML to PHP Convertor - StrightSlate is a professioanl PHP convertor that allows you to write and edit PHP Scripts easily. This program is specially developed for PHP Coders. Its provides you wide range of tools to enhance your PHP Scripts and increase your developing experience. Its also provides fast and powerful full-text converting by one click and also can ...
  7. PostgreSQL PHP Generator
    831 total visits
    PostgreSQL PHP Generator is a powerful PostgreSQL GUI frontend which hekps you generate high-quality PostgreSQL PHP scripts for the selected tables, views and queries for the further working with these objects through the web.Key Features of PostgreSQL PHP Generator:- Support for updatable SQL queries;- Master-detail presentations;- Event-driven content management;- Client-side data validation;- Custom pagination (display partitioning);- Data export to PDF, ...
  8. Zend Optimizer
    964 total visits
    The Zend Optimizer is a free application that will run the files encoded by the Zend Guard, while enhancing the performance of PHP applications. For enterprise-class performance enhancement with an up to x25 increase in server throughput, try Zend Platform.Zend Platform's Performance Enhancement Technology was specifically created to help optimize the responsiveness and processing efficiency of robust, high traffic PHP-based ...
  9. HTML EXpert
    397 total visits
    HTML EXpert is a universal PHP and HTML editor with an easy-to-use interface and many useful features.Key Features of HTML EXpert:- Internal browser, with which you can immediatly view results of actions- Basic visual editor, which can help to make your work visual and more fast- Text editor, which can edit text styles visually- Tags panel, with which you can ...
  10. Z-WAMP
    935 total visits
    Z-WAMP is a lightweight, east to install, portable Web server package designed with the latest production / stable versions of Apache, MySQL, SQLite, and PHP with Alternative PHP Cache (APC) to boost server performance.Key Features of Z-WAMP:- PHP 5.3.2- MySQL 5.1.45- Apache 2.2.15- phpMyAdmin 3.3.1- APC 3.1.3p1- Easy-to-use controller in system tray
  11. No Screenshot
    485 total visits
    phpManual is a useful widget designed to help you easily search PHPfunctions. You can set it display results either in widget or in a new web page. Also click on the PHP icon to set it to it's thumbnail form. Requirements:- Opera- PHP
  12. GLeDitor
    1019 total visits
    GLeDitor is a small, easy to use programmer's editor designed with syntax highlight, extended search features, beautiful icons and colors. This tool will enable you to write your C++, C#, Pascal, Java, PHP or even Python source files.
  13. phpMyBackupPro
    1197 total visits
    phpMyBackup Pro is a very easy to use, free, web-based MySQL backup software, licensed under the GNU GPL.You can create scheduled backups, manage and restore them, download or email them and a lot more!Key Features of phpMyBackupPro:· backup of one or several databases with or without data, table structure, ...· three types of compression (no compression, gzip or zip)· scheduled ...
  14. PHPConfig
    461 total visits
    If you're at all into dynamic websites, or just server-side scripting, then you know what PHP is. If you don't, then visit their site and come back afterwards! :) PHP is great, but the configuration side of things still leaves a bit to be desired by most Windows users, and that's where AnalogX PHPConfig comes into play!AnalogX PHPConfig is a ...
  15. Klorofil
    734 total visits
    The Klorofil Collaboration Project, which initiated and sponsored by Saltanera Teknologi, is an open source initiative through which the Klorofil community and industry partners will together build a new PHP enterprise-level application development and deployment environment.Klorofil project is an open source project initiated by Saltanera Teknologi, an e-business solution provider company. Klorofil is a graphical interface that allows you create ...
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