WebTide for Windows 4.0

WebTide HTML editor is anprogrammer text editor. The code navigation is also a good tool to count on in a HTML editor when the userseem lost in the code. It outlines the structure of a HTML file.Itcontains CSS and PHP code in a tree outline. The brand new error underlining and error tooltips will show you in a snap what's wrong with your code. Html is a complex language, and this free html editor is the key in easilly creating and maintaining a website.

The HTML file formatter will beautify your HTML code while improving it's readability.
The code completion tools WebTide provides for HTML, XML, CSS and PHP languages will help HTML newbies and will increase the pleasure of developing of any professional HTML coder.

The advanced search features WebTide HTML editor provides will help you find whatever you want in a snap. The search in path feature integrated in this html editor lets you find occurences of a piece of text that you never knew existed.

The search and replace tool will help you replace ONLY the occurences of a string you want to. The editor will show you a dialog with all the occurences and let you select the ones that you want to replace. No more step by step replace! Be in control of your code. Download WebTide now and see that it can do for you.

Key Features of WebTide for Windows:
- The Outline is a code navigation tool. It is one of the most important features of WebTide. A source file can get more than a little complicated at times. Forget about the continuous search for a tag or method name. The Outline will show you all you need to know and help you reach pieces of code instantly.
The Project:
- The Project is a file management tool vital for a HTML editor. No more useless browsing for the files you want to edit. Group your folders under a WebTide project and it will all be there a mouse click away.
The Search Tools:
- The Search Tools are vital tools when you are handling large projects with a HTML editor. You need to know in what files and where and how many times a certain text appears. The "Find all in file" and "Find in path" will help you achieve this goal. The Search window will show you exactly where that text appears and will help you get to it in no time.
The Coding Tools:
- The Coding Tools helps you increase you developement speed by inserting start and end tags in an instant. The completion popup is available for HTML editor and CS.

- 500 Mhz CPU
- 128 MB RAM
- 35 MB HardDisk space
- 100 MB HardDisk space (for the JRE bundle installation)

What's New in This Release WebTide for Windows:
- Switched to VLDocking dock framework
- Color chooser view added
- Easy select and insert colors into your files
- Sessions view added
- Group your opened files into a session and open them all in one click   - Switched to an all Java web renderer (Cobra)
- Added linked preview
- Link for example a CSS file's preview to the preview of the html file or an URL that it affects Bug fixes 
- Added full support for FreeMarker syntax highlight and improved support for FreeMarker code completion
- Removed deprecated FTP uploader

License type: Freeware
Date added: Aug. 24, 2010, 3:06 a.m. | Last updated: March 31, 2011, 7:40 p.m.