WEB-ED Webpage and Scripting Editor 5.80.303

WEB-ED Webpage and Scripting Editor is a great editor primarily for HTML, VBScript, DHTML and CSS. It also supports ASP, javascript and PHP. It has numerous text-editing functions for general use. It also has specialized functions for several purposes: VBScript, VBS in HTML script tags, VBS in ASP tags, CSS, Javascript and PHP.

There are 5 distinct editors in 4 distinct windows. The four editor windows - VBScript, Javascript, HTML and CSS - can be selected from the Options menu. The HTML window also includes specialized color syntax highlighting for ASP when an ASP or ASPX file is loaded. The four editor windows all work separately but are variations of the single program window.

The general aim is for WEB-ED to be a full-function coding editor, providing any useful stepsaving functions while maintaining a simple interface. There are many peripheral functions available for HTML, script and CSS files. There are also a number of functions that make WEB-ED useful as an all-purpose editor, such as Find-And-Replace, Multi-File Replace, etc.

What's New in This Release WEB-ED Webpage and Scripting Editor:
- Support for PNG files.
- Improvements to object browser,
- Find and Replace.
- Minor bug fixes.

License type: Demo / USD 30.00
Date added: Aug. 24, 2010, 3:06 a.m. | Last updated: March 31, 2011, 12:07 a.m.