VS.Php Standalone Edition

VS.Php Standalone Edition lets you build, edit and deploy php applications using the familiar interface of Visual Studio 2005 IDE. Contrary to other PHP IDE products, VS.Php leverages the familiar interface of Microsoft Visual Studio.Net allowing PHP developers leverage all the features Visual Studio.Net provides. With this edition of VS.Php you don't need to buy Visual Studio 2005 because it is included with VS.Php.

Working with php projects has never been easier, VS.Php provides rich project management features similar to ASP.Net projects. Because many developers deply their Php applications in non-Windows servers, VS.Php also provides deployment support for remote servers where you can deploy your Php application on a click of a button.

The php editor gives you the most productivity by giving you access to Php built in functions and modules as well as your functions and classes. You can even include PEAR classes in your project and VS.Php will show the symbols in its intellisense feature. While typing parameters VS.Php will guide you through the process by giving you hints on the parameters of the function or method you are working on. And at any given point, VS.Php will highlight any syntax error in your code. You don't have to run the script to find out if you have syntax errors. VS.Php Standalone Edition will let you know in real time.

Key Features of VS.Php Standalone Edition:
- Editor and File Management:
. PHP4 and PHP5 Support
. Syntax Coloring for PHP, Smarty, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, XML and XSLT
. File templates for PHP, Smarty, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, XML and XSLT
. Intellisense for PHP, Smarty, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, XML and XSLT
. Php intellisense includes class inheritance, defines, array elements and PhpDoc integration
. User references help make intellisense content available throughout the project
. Code Folding of classes, functions, comments and user defined regions (PEAR style and .Net style)
. Real time error detection with task view for easy access to errors
. Tooltip assistance
. File navigation bar for accessing classes and functions within the file
. Bookmarks
. Go to definition of classes, functions and macros
. Open include files by right clicking on include statements
. Matching Brackets and Parenthesis with easy access to jump to each end
. Comment / Uncomment PHP code
. Php solution explorer with support for multiple projects
. Dynamic help support with integration for PHP, Smarty and Pear help documents.
. Find/Search replacement within projects and solutions. Supports regular expressions.
. Automatic code indentation, including when pasting new code.
. Automatic TODO task viewer based on TODO comments in code
. Code Snippets
. Class viewer
. Unicode support and line ending configuration
. Project wide CodePage setting to match remote server
. Php Debugging Support
- Debugging:
. XDebug and DBG support
. Debug Php, JavaScript and .Net in one single session
. Built-in Apache web server for ease of debugging. Preconfigured with Php4, Php5, XDebug and DBG.
. Suport for Breakpoints
. Local and remote debugging including to non-Windows servers
. Watch locals, immediate and user defined variables
. Watch and edit values via tooltips including arrays
. Text encoding support
. View html output in the Output Debug Window
. Debug multiple requests and switch between them using the debug threads window
- Team collaboration:
. Supports any SCC-plugin for Visual Studio including CVS, Svn, Perforce, Sourcesafe, etc.
. Check-in and check-out files within VS.Php
. View files' history and log comment
. Work on-line or off-line
- Deployment and remote servers:
. Supports Ftp, SFtp (SSH), Ftp/S (SSL) and Smb (Network shares)
. Automatic deploy files before debugging
. Download/Import project from remote server
. Work on remote files directly
. Auto detects remote server Php modules and makes those available for intellisense
. Supports remote servers on different time zones
. Automatic auto reconnect to remote servers with secure credentials caching
. Execute custom local scripts before and after deployment
- Database, SQL support:
. Supports MSSQL, Accesss, Oracle, OleDB and ODBC connectors (including MySql, PostgreSQL and Sqlite)
. Use server explorer to access local and remote databases
. Create tables, views and store procedures
. Visual query builder
. Unicode support
. Supports SQL file editing with color coding

- .NET 2.0 Runtime
- 600-MHz Pentium III-class processor or faster
- 192 megabytes (MB) of RAM
- 100Mb of available hard-disk space
- 1024 x 768 or higher-resolution display
- DVD-ROM Drive
- Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device

- 30 days trial
- Nag screen

What's New in This Release VS.Php Standalone Edition:
- Major Changes
- Project-wide intellisense support
- Drag and drop files in solution view
- IIS7 integration for creating, debugging PHP applications on IIS7
- Handle very large projects with ease (10000+ files)
- Minor Changes
- Improved bracket matching support with custom background color
- Zend Framework 1.7.3
- Intellisense has two tabs, one for frequently used items and one for project wide items
- Add more flexibility in customizing color coding of PHP tokens
- Numerous performance improvements
- Fix issues with updater on x64 systems
- Use PHP CGI for built-in Apache for increased stability
- Add MS SQL Server PHP module to the list of available modules for intellisense and built-in preview engine
- Include PHP 5.2.6 and PHP 4.4.9
- Include $argv and $argc for globals
- Show disconnected overlay icon when there is no local copy of the file.
- Speed up the solution refresh command, in particular which very large projects.
- Allow remote server project wizard to continue even if ...

License type: Trial / USD 99.99
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