TSW phpCoder 2008 1.00

TSW phpCoder 2008 is a fully featured PHP IDE, with all the features you will ever need for creating beautiful and dynamic websites. It comes with debugging, full IntelliSense, syntax check, Code Tidy, built-in FTP/SFTP/FTPS and MySQL client.

With phpDoc support it allows you to document your code better, and the built-in project manager will help you keep track of your websites. It comes with full support for both PHP, HTML and CSS, and can syntaxcolor even more languages, including Python, JavaScript, VB.NET, C# and more.

CodeSnippets and CodeFolding helps you create code with greater ease, and code navigation features allows you to navigate your code faster than ever before. Furthermore, using the Python-based scripting, you will be able to extend the functionality of this software even more.

Key Features of TSW phpCoder:
- Advanced internal preview: Preview your work directly in phpCoder, with support for both Internet Explorer and Mozilla, at the same time. With servermappings and a local webserver, you can even preview your PHP code.
- Advanced project management: Let phpCoder organize your websites in projects for you. Manage TODO lists, perform search & replace operations, upload/download project files, or synchronize your entire project to an FTP server with TSW SiteSync.
- Built-in FTP/SFTP/FTPS client: With the built-in FTP client, you may upload your work while you're editing it, without leaving the editor. You can even edit remote files directly - just press Save and the changes are saved back to the server. There's support for most FTP commands, over regular FTP, FTP over SSH and FTP over SSL.
- Code navigation: Navigate your own code much faster with phpCoder. With a single click, you can go to the declaration of a function or a class, or you can do a complete reference search, to see exactly where a function/class/variable is being used, in your entire project or a single document.
- CodeFolding: Get a better overview of your documents by folding the code. phpCoder will suggest where to fold, based on the context, allowing you to hide/show different parts of your files.
- CodeLibs: phpCoder contains complete reference libraries (CodeLibs) for several technologies, including HTML, CSS, PHP, Perl, JavaScript and VBScript. The libraries are searchable, and you can insert code from them with just a doubleclick.
- CodeSnippets: Save your code as CodeSnippets and re-use them by simply typing the shortcut and pressing the Tab key. CodeSnippets supports variables, which turns them into templates, making it much easier to write good, re-usable snippets.
- Complete IntelliSense support: phpCoder comes with very sophisticated IntelliSense support for both PHP, HTML and CSS. The editor will make suggestions as you type, allowing you to write code faster, without having to remember every tag/function/property/etc. Your own PHP code will be scanned, allowing phpCoder to make suggestions based on your code as well.
- Customizable interface: The interface of phpCoder can be completely customized. Every toolbar and tool window can be moved or closed, and you can even add or remove buttons from the toolbars. The interface can use different skins, to suit your visual taste as good as possible.
- Debugging: Step through your PHP code with the real debugging support in phpCoder. See if your variables get the right values, if your functions return the correct result and execute custom PHP code against the server, to test your own code under different conditions without actually having to re-write it.
- MySQL database client: With the built-in MySQL database client, you can explore local and remote MySQL servers. Browse databases, tables, edit the content and test your own SQL queries against the server - anything is possible. phpCoder can even generate PHP code to manipulate your database for you.
- PHP Tidy: Don't worry too much about how you format your code - phpCoder can do it for you. With a long list of configuration possibilities, your code will be indented and formatted just the way you like it, as you type.
- phpDoc support: Create better documentation for your code. phpCoder comes with IntelliSense for the phpDoc tags, and it even parses your documentation and uses it when showing IntelliSense for your code.
- Profiling: With the integrated support for profiling your code, you test your code for performance, to see which lines could be slowing you down. This will help you make better performing websites, which loads faster.
- Realtime syntax check: With phpCoder, you don't have to test your code to discover simple syntax errors. They will be highlighted as you type, like a spelling error in Word. Just hover your mouse over the marked line to see a description of the problem.
- Scripting support: Extend phpCoder by writing custom scripts, which can manipulate pretty much anything in phpCoder, allowing you to write your own functionality for the application.
- Search & replace in multiple files: Perform extended search & replace operations on several files at the same time, based on open files, selected files or project files.
- Split view editing: The editor field of phpCoder can be split both horizontally and/or vertically, allowing you to look in several places of your document at the same time.
- Syntax coloring & wordwrap: phpCoder supports syntax coloring for PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, VB.NET, C#, SQL and Python. Wordwrapping of long lines can be toggled on and off.

- .NET Framework 2.0

- Nag screen
- 30 days trial period

License type: Trial / USD 49.99
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