SUcommanderXer Last Pre Beta 20-06-2009

SUcommanderXer is anapplication which allows users to edit their script files like PERL, PHP, UNIX/Linux SHELL, MS WSH(VBscript Jscript) Shell and Web Javascript( w3c DOM DHTML) , finally a quantity of .bat.

It is effectively a coloured code editor and not a syntax checker, "It is also only in its development stages but is now usable to a quantity of the level required in user software definition". It also colours HTML , XHTML and various XML files(.xml , .rss , .tld , .xul , .xsl , .kml , .rdf , .wsdl).

- 500Mb RAM
- Java JRE 1.4.2 or newer

What's New in This Release SUcommanderXer Last Pre Beta:
- New content inserter for markup and primarily speed of colouring and some of the colourer accuracy

License type: Freeware
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