PHPMagic 1.3

PHPMagic is a powerful and easy to use piece of software that provides you with the possibility to design/build a PHP/MySQL database. The possibilities on how to use a database are endless. PHPMagic offers you the ability to quickly create MySQL tables & fields, structure, foreign keys with no prior knowledge of PHP or MySQL coding.

You simply create the database tables and fields and the software generates the scripts to upload to your website to setup the MySQL tables and the scripts to manage the tables.

Key Features of PHPMagic:
- Automatic PHP code generator to manage the data of MySQL databases.
- The very intuitive graphical interface of PHPMagic allows you to create powerful web database applications in a very short time.
- Ability to upload files and images into fields.
- Copy fields & properties from other tables or fields into new fields.
- Required fields that must be filled by users are marked with an asterisk.
- Formatted dates supported.
- Redirect support after submitting record to a page you specify.
- Save searches or quiries to enhance database reports.
- Support for foreign key constraints and the automatic creation of parent menus.
- Automatic creation of setup scripts to create the database and its tables.
- Automatic generation of code to display and browse data content of tables, with the ability to edit, delete and add records.
- Users can sort data by any field ascending or descending order.
- The generated code allows users to filter data by any field with multiple criteria and support for wild card searches (% and _).
- The appearance of the generated application can be customized through CSS styles.
- You have control over what users can do with each table by allowing or prohibiting data editing, deletion and/or addition.
- Ability to save projects to files and load them later.
- Support for unlimited number of tables per application and fields per table (Only limited by MySQL constraints).
- Ability to create a menu (value list) that lists allowable data values in a field, so that users of your application can only select values from the list.
- Ability to use Quick Lists to quickly fill value lists (explained above) with predefined data like world countries, US states ... etc.
- Users of your generated application can export data to CSV files that can be opened in Excel.
- Free 24/7 access to our members area where you can download plenty of extra websmaster tools.

- The target system is where you will install the generated PHP applications - a web server that supports PHP scripting; PHP 4 or higher; MySQL 3.x or higher.

License type: Trial / USD 49.95
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