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Key Features of Php2Html:
- New fractal rendering engine. Previous versions of Mandelbrot Explorer calculated their fractals in the foreground, which meant that the application appeared to stop responding during a lenghty calculation. As a consequence, it was not possible to see the progress of a calculation or to interract with the program in any way. Now, calculations all take place in the background, meaning that you can see the progress of the calculation as it runs, and continue to work with the application.
- New user interface. You can still control Mandelbrot Explorer with menus, toolbars and shortcut keys. Previously, to view more than the most basic information about a fractal, or to perform more than the most basic operations, it was necessary to work with a "dialogue box". Now there is a Control Panel area on the right hand side of the application. In this area, you can display any of a large number of "plugins", that display detailed information and allow you to control varoius settings. The only dialogue box you now need is to set the application preferences.
- Layer-based colour scheme. The colour schemes are now layer-based, meaning that you can edit the colour schemes you create. Previously, all that you could do was to edit a colour scheme by replacing the colour scheme for part of the Fractal. Now, you can view and edit the individual layers that make up your colour schemes.
Smaller changes:
- Fractal rendering changes.
. You can now cancel a calculation or a paint-operation part-way through.
. An estimate of how long a calculation or paint operation will take is computed, so that you can see how long you are likely to wait.
. Auto-dwell now gives you a choice. Previously, you could either set the maximum dwell values manually, or ask Mandelbrot Explorer to set it automatically. Now, you can ask for Automatic settings, but choose how accurate you want the image to be. You control the balance in the trade-off between an accurate picture and an acceptably fast calculation.
. Time-intensive fractal calculations are now performed in native code, not in the .NET Framework, making for a faster calculation.
- User interface changes
. Minimise to tray. You can now minimise Mandelbrot Explorer to the system tray, so that it takes up less space on the taskbar during calculations.
. New file types. Previously, Mandelbrot Explorer had two files types: .FRR stored fractal regions, and .FRC stored colour schemes. Files created with previous versions of Mandelbrot Explorer can still be opened, but files are now saved with one of 3 new file types. .MXAD stores both fractal regions and colour schemes (Mandelbrot Explorer: All Data), .MXFR stores the fractal region (Mandelbrot Explorer: Fractal Region), and .MXCS stores the colour scheme (Mandelbrot Explorer: Colour Scheme). When opening a file, you choose whether to retrieve just the fractal region, just the colour scheme, or everything. This means you can save the fractal region and the colour scheme together as .MXAD file, but then only retrieve the colour scheme from it at a later date.
. File Association. All files that can be opened by Mandelbrot Explorer are now associated with the application, so that you can double-click on the file to open Mandelbrot Explorer and load that file.
. The built-in colour schemes from previous versions of Mandelbrot Explorer are now accessible from the main menus of the application; there is no longer the need to browse to, and load, a file.
- Colouration Changes
. New Colour Bands layers. Much as the built-in schemes cycle through a range of colours to create colour bands, you can now create your own bands of colour where you control both the colours and the widths of the bands.
. New Hue-Saturation-Brightness layers. You can now modify the existing colour scheme by tweaking the HSL values for a range of Dwells.
- New Features
. Random Exploration: Mandelbrot Explorer can be set to zoom in at random. You determine when this should stop, but Mandelbrot Explorer will pick an interesting area to enlarge, zoom in to that area, then pick another area and so on.
. Save Zoom Images is more versatile than ever before.
. Order Products from Zazzle: Previously, images from the Mandelbrot Explorer could be turned into products such as mugs, posters, cards, t-shirts or mousepads from Now, Mandelbrot Explorer allows you to do this with the images you have created. From within Mandelbrot Explorer, you can upload your picture to the internet, and view a preview of what these products might look like when featuring your image.
. User Preferences. You can control some of the settings that affect how Mandelbrot Explorer behaves. Previous versions of Mandelbrot Explorer used to zoom in by a factor of 2.5 each time you clicked in the picture; now, you control what that zoom factor is.
. Web-update integration. Mandelbrot Explorer will now check the internet for a new version, no more than once a week, and let you know if a newer version is available. You can, of course, suppress these messages, or check on-demand at any point.
. Customisable toolbars. You can rearrange the position of the toolbars on the screen, and move the individual buttons around as well. Make your workspace appear how you want it.

- 20 days trial

What's New in This Release Php2Html:
- When updating files, if a page has an error, the previous version of the page was still uploaded. This bug has been fixed.
- When updating a single page, all files were uploaded. This bug has been fixed.

License type: Trial / USD 99.95
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