LS WebQuiz 1.2.0

WebQuiz is a program to solve quizzes online on the Internet or on a Intranet. It runs on a Internet server. WebQuiz has been developed to be used together with QuizPro. It uses the same format for the question files and the data base. This means, you can create your own quizzes with QuizPro and publish them on the Internet by using WebQuiz. The results of the questioning is stored in a database, which can be imported by QuizPro, and therefore analysed statistically.

WebQuiz is a compiled application and not a script. This makes it faster. On the other hand, for security reasons, it may be difficult to find a hosting provider, who allows you to run WebQuiz. You may need your own Internet server. It allows you to repeat a question file several times, and answer only the questions you did not know before.

- WebQuiz runs under Microsoft Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, Vista or higher.
- 1.72 MB space available on hard disk.
- It needs an Internet server running, as for example Microsoft Internet Information Server IIS, OmniHTTPd (free under certain conditions), Apache server (free, open source), or for test purposes and small Intranets, Microsoft's Personal Webserver (free, optional part of most Windows installations).
- You have to install QuizPro on the computer, where WebQuiz is running. This ensures the availability of the Borland Database Engine, which is needed by WebQuiz. Furthermore, it provides a possibility to analyse the results statistically.
- To view WebQuiz, you need MS Internetexplorer 5 (or higher) or Netscape Navigator 6 (or higher) on the client machines. With older versions, the in-line floating frames, which are sometimes used, will not be supported.

License type: Freeware
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