HTML 2 PHP Convertor - Strightslate

HTML to PHP Convertor - StrightSlate is a professioanl PHP convertor that allows you to write and edit PHP Scripts easily. This program is specially developed for PHP Coders. Its provides you wide range of tools to enhance your PHP Scripts and increase your developing experience. Its also provides fast and powerful full-text converting by one click and also can choose converting options manualy from Preference panel.

Purpose of HTML 2 PHP Convertor - Strightslate:
As a web developer, you may need to translate some HTML code to PHP. This operation is tedious and usually takes long time. By using this program you can easily convert HTML code to PHP fastly and you can save your precious time. You can customize and write your PHP Scripts more then more easily. Here you can find any thing that you have never seen before. A complete converter for your PHP developemet needs.

Is that something awesome in HTML 2 PHP Convertor - Strightslate?
Yes! As you know all HTML 2 PHP Convertors just convert HTML codes in PHP or they takes some collection of webmaster tools but, Our convertor can do something awesome, With this you can develope your own plugins as you need and integrated easily with H2PC. You can develope your own plugins more then more easily with Microsoft VB.Net and Microsoft VB 6. Its have large collection of tools and also Code Editor with full screen workspace for editing PHP Scripts easily.

Key Features of HTML 2 PHP Convertor - Strightslate:
- Rich Graphical Interface.
- 2 Additional Skins
- Plugins Creater - StrightSlate
- Color Picker - StrightSlate
- Zip Extractor - StrightSlate
- Advance Code Editor for advance editing.
- Developing and Integrating custom plugins.
- Supports wide range of plugins.
- Support additional themes.
- Large Collection of PHP functions.
- Auto backup data utility.
- XHTML, HTML, HTM, PHP, Text, CSS, JS, XML and ADF Files Integration.
- Advance and basic scripting styles editor.
- Localhost file viewer.
- Advance preference panel.
- Large collection of PHP script enhancement functions.
- Escape press reset editor.
- File Assistant
- PHP Script converting options.
- Show prompt dialog before exit.
- 2 Built in editor's right click menus.
- Undo, Redo Functions.
- Application Error Log
- New improved help system.
- Fast and full text converting.
- Easy to use..!

- 45 launches trial

What's New in This Release HTML 2 PHP Convertor - Strightslate:
- New Skin Injection Code Light (DownTown)
- PHP - Pro Conversation (Plugin)
- PHP Expression Builder (Plugin)
- Text 2 Variable (Plugin)
- MIME Base64 Encoder (Plugin)
- Plugins Engine - StrightSlate Manual
- Lots of BUGs Fixed

License type: Trial / USD 41.00
Date added: Aug. 24, 2010, 3:06 a.m. | Last updated: March 30, 2011, 11:41 p.m.