Easy Personality Quiz Maker 1.0

Online personality quizzes have become a popular attraction on the web. They're just as unscientific as magazine quizzes, but they're also a ton of fun. Online personality quizzes ask you a number of questions to fit you into a range of broad personality types. A common theme is characters on a popular television show, eg "Which Friends character are you?".

Mongwell's Easy Personality Quiz Maker gives you the possibility to create quizzes like this with absolutely no knowledge of programming. It's simple, intuitive, and FREE!

To use the Easy Quiz Maker, upload all the .php files to a directory on your server. The name of the directory doesn't matter, we suggest "quiz" or "quizzes" or "easyquiz". You can set a custom HTML header and footer file for your quizzes.
Simply create a header.htm and footer.htm file and upload them to the same directory as the quiz program on your server. This will allow you to have a custom template that you can easily change at will.

In order to create a new quiz, access the quizmake.php file on your server. For example, if the server name is yourserver.com and your quiz directory is "quiz", the URL would be: http://www.yourserver.com/quiz/quizmake.php. When you make a quiz it will give you the instructions to access the URL for your specific quiz.

We recommend planning your quiz out in advance. Determine how many personality types to test for and how many questions you wish to ask. A minimum of 7 questions is recommended, but the more questions you ask the more accurate the test will be. Your questions don't have to be completely scientific or methodical. Remember, these quizzes are just for fun. Just try to think of questions that each of your personality types will answer differently.

What you need to do is determine the answer that each personality type is most likely to give to each question. Most people will not answer 100% for any single personality type, the system is designed to tally up their answers and see which personality type they answered for most prominently.

So plan out each personality and what it's general characteristics will be, and plan out all your questions and possible answers. Once you've done that it will be easy to enter everything into the forms and create your quiz.


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