CodeTangler Professional 2.0

CodeTangler Professional is a PHP obfuscator and encoder for encrypting your source code and protecting it from being stolen. CodeTangler will perform everything from the simplest methods such as stripping out whitespace to encoding your source code into a labyrinth of tangled yet runnable code. You have the option to choose what you wish to do with your source code and how you wish to obfuscate it.

CodeTangler Pro can scan your source code files for all comments, variables, functions, and classes as well as the statistics of their occupation within the total source code. Scanning source code is necessary in order to obfuscate it later. Once your project is scanned, you may modify any functions, classes, and variables scanned as well as their corresponding obfuscated replacement values.

The main solution in CodeTangler is to obfuscate and replace any PHP source code files in the project with newly made files containing the same program structure but containing different values for functions, variables, and classes. Since CodeTangler does not store the original source code files nor does it make any attempt to back up selected files for the project, IT IS ADVISABLE TO RETAIN AN ORIGINAL COPY OF YOUR PHP SOURCE CODE!

A new and interesting feature of CodeTangler Pro is the ability to encrypt your source code and offer a second level of security for your projects using one of our PHP source code encoders. In this product distribution, only two encoders are bundled with CodeTangler Pro: Inside-Out Encoder and Labyrinth Encoder.

The Inside-Out PHP Encoder is more simple and not as secure but does offer another level of protection from pure source code files. The Labyrinth PHP Encoder is the more advanced and very tough encryption for your project files which will almost increase your file size by 8X the original file size. The Labyrinth Encoder takes a considerable longer time to encode (depending on file size) due to the level of encryption it uses to secure your source code files.

All encoded source code files do not depend on any runtimes or installed modules to run on regular PHP web space. Take CodeTangler Professional for a test drive to see what it's really capable of!

Key Features of CodeTangler Professional:
- Project management
- PHP source code statistics page
- Source code obfuscation
- Function, variable, and class obfuscation value modification (change the names of the newly obfuscated values)
- Exclusion of certain functions, variables, and classes
- Whitespace and comment removal
- Extreme PHP obfuscation techniques
- Encryption of string literals
- Ability to replace keywords found in string literals
- PHP source code encryption
- Two PHP encoders (Inside-Out and Labyrinth)
- Ability to open and save project settings

- storage of only 100 variables, functions and classes each
- scanning and encoding for files only under 16 KB
- extreme obfuscation and Hex string literals features are disabled
- timed nag screen

License type: Demo / USD 99.99
Date added: Aug. 24, 2010, 3:06 a.m. | Last updated: March 29, 2011, 9:48 p.m.