AEdiX Suite 3.0.5beta

AEdiX Suite is an advanced editor with multiple file support. Syntax hightlighting for 13 different languages (HTML, PHP, ASP, C, C++, Pascal, java, javascript, perl, VBScript, SQL, ASM, Sphere script, and more).

AEdiX, a professional code editor, with code highlighting and scripting support. AEdiHex, a simple but puwerfull Hex editor. AEdiMD5, a small and simple MD5 hash calculator. It is an advanced template scripting system based on object pascal. You can save in Linux or Dos text file format.

Key Features of AEdiX Suite:
- Multiple file support, easy to switch between files by clicking the tabs, or using keyboard shortcuts
- Fast search toolbar. You can start a new search without opening the search dialog, just type the text and press enter
- Syntax highlighting for 24 different languages: ASP, Assembler, Batch files, c , c++ , c#, Cascading Style Sheet, Fortran Fox Pro, html, Inform, Ini format, LaTex, Pascal, Perl, php, Python, Java, Java Script, SQL, TCL/Tk, Visual Basic, VbScript, XML, Unreal Tournament
- Fully configurable Syntax highlighting colors
- Advanced template scripting system based on Object Pascal
- Object pascal based scripting system allows to add new functions to AEdiX.(v3.0.0)
- Single script file can contains multiple actions,templates,custom functions.(v3.0.0)
- Builtin FTP client allows to edit/upload files to remore FTP servers.(v3.0.0)
- Code proposal system for: php (v3.0.0), sql (v3.0.0), html (v3.0.0), Word Wrap.(v3.0.0)
- Can export highlighted text as html
- Ulimited file size (file size is only limited by available ram and, if highlighting is turned on, cpu power)
- Easy to use professional interface
- Multilevel Undo
- Advanced text selection system, it is possible to select a rectangular block of text
- Reopen menu lists last 9 opened files
- HTML Syntax validation based on html tidy
- Can read/write Unix/mac/dos text file format
- Search and replace with regular expession support
- Project Manager.
- Print Preview.
- Professional printing layout
- Color printing of syntax highlighted code
- Ability to detect changed files
- Bookmarks
- Higlighting of the active line
- Bracket matching
- Support for unix/mac/dos format

What's New in This Release AEdiX Suite:
- FIX: Fixed Many file associations bugs
- FIX: Improved AEdiX File association method
- MINOR: 'Script' and 'style' highlighting modes changes
- FIX: Bug that sometimes produced an access violation when the Home Key is pressed
- FIX: Now the info box shows automatically only on errors
- FIX: Fixed the bugs of search and replace FIX: Minor Bugs fixed

License type: Freeware
Date added: March 28, 2011, 4:37 p.m. | Last updated: March 29, 2011, 10:45 p.m.