AdvEdit 1.01

The AdvEdit application was designed to be an integrated web development environment especially created to facilitate handling common tasks such as updating files on the server, testing/validating html documents.

Key Features of AdvEdit:
- Workspace. With AdvEdit, you can quickly resume working on a project at the point you left it. For each project, AdvEdit saves the list of opened files, the last edited file, and cursor position in each file.
- Syntax Highlighting. AdvEdit highlights syntax for HTML, PHP, Perl, JavaScript, CSS, C++, and Pascal.
- Keyword Help System. AdvEdit distribution includes help for HTML and CSS. Additionally, you can include any html-formated help for other supported languages.
- Code Explorer. You can break your code into smaller sections (and subsections) using specially formatted comments and navigate between them using Code Explorer (see screenshot).
- Built-in File Browser. With AdvEdit, you can use built-in file browser (see screenshot) instead of open dialog, which saves a lot of time when you need to frequently open many small files.
- Built-in FTP. You can associate a website with a project and synchronize its content with the content of your local project folder using built-in FTP.

License type: Trial / USD 5.0
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