Access-PHP-MySQL-Magic 2.0

Access-PHP-MySQL-Magic is a powerful piece of software that enables you to store an Access database in a PHP script. By Running this PHP script once in your website, you will be able to Import your Access database to MySQL much faster than if MS Access databases were copied to MySQL database directly because the copying to MySQL database is executed with utilization of the server where the particular script is launched.

Access-php-MySQL-Magic converts your MySQL database structure and / or records in a single PHP file or SQL script , by running the PHP file once in your Web site, you can restore your Mysql database. Easily whenever you need, the program supports scheduling of the dumping process to be performed automatically.

Key Features of Access-PHP-MySQL-Magic:
- Supports all common MySQL data types and attributes except "Set" type and "Enum" type.
- Supports MS Access Versions 97, 2000, XP.
- Supports PHP versions 3 or 4 command line support scheduling Converts tables with or without records
- Converts indexes with all necessary attributes Easy-to-use wizard-style interface
- Converts password protected MS Access databases Support auto increment data.
- Default values and not null constraints
- Ability to select only the tables that you want to include in your dump file
- Ability to choose weather to import the structure only , records only or the structure and records
- Ability to choose whether to use create/drop/use database statement or not
- Ability to choose whether to use Complete insert statement or not Converts password protected MS Access databases

- Using the Demo Version you can dump only five tables, five records for each, in any Access database or MySQL Database or Vice versa., the tables which you can convert using the demo version is the top five tables appears in the available tables list in selecting tables step

License type: Demo / USD 29.95
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