A2 Flash Php Multymedia Photo-Gallery 1.0

A2 Flash Php Multymedia Photo-Gallery is the easy way to design, organize, display, upload online fully-featured Php Flash Dynamic Photo-Gallery with thumbs. The gallery runs off advanced PHP with MySQL database, Actionscript code . You don't need to know any PHP programming . Simply choose category, gallery and upload images .

Automatic installation on your FTP-server with just a few clicks . A2 Flash Php Multymedia Photo-Gallery has written powerful code makes adding and displaying your images fast and easy!! The advanced Actionscript code written in Flash uses smart navigation and Zoom Image controls, automatic thumbnail creation, rate pictures, add comments, add music and sound on each gallery and on each image, each album .

Each category supports different independent Flash templates and more: A2 Flash Php Multymedia Photo-Gallery have a powerful flash template software for easy customization to match the rest of a site . The script supports multiple users and provides the administrator of the website with tools to manage the users . Users may also upload to public albums if the website administrator permits it . Permissions to create albums, upload and delete files are all determined by the website administrator .

A2 Flash allow you to quickly update your own Multymedia Flash photo gallery through any web browser . A2 Flash Php Multymedia Photo-Gallery brings the power of content management directly into your hands .

Key Features of A2 Flash Php Multymedia Photo Gallery:
- Online Flash Multimedia Photo Gallery
.Publish your photos as Flash Photo Gallery with: Automatic navigation controls menu creation (advancement, autoplay, zoom and pan, sound, image browser on browser) with options to display the controls in part or all .
.Neither number of albums nor maximum depth of structure are limited
.Display photo in different styles
.Search photos by category or keyword
.View most rated photos
.Add Background ( .Jpg / .Swf)
- Photo Submission
.Option to enable visitors to submit photo
.Auto Thumbnail, Resize, Watermark
.Auto thumbnail creation and auto resize photo
.Add watermark to your photo
.Define thumbnail and enlarged photo sizes in pixels
- Multimedia
.Add audio background on any photogallery (Mp3)
.Add audio on any single image (Mp3)
.Add click-sound on the miniatures (Mp3)
- Text management
.Change character, style and colour of description and subtitle fields
.Add textual links in unlimited number in the description field
- Web Integration
.Simple and fast way to match with your site
- Easy-to-Use Back-End System
.Easy & Intuitive Control Panel
.Multilingual Control Panel
.Easy images management (add, edit, move, delete) etc .
.Search photos easily
.Enable/disable users rating, post comment, submit photos, rating, etc
.Hide photos from public viewing
.Personalise notification email for administrator when add new user
.Best viewed with all popular browsers
.Interactive installer to simplify installation process
- Flash templates Editing
.Create offline a new flash template for Flash
.Photo Gallery with A2 Flash ComposerS
.Tools to change dimensions of:
.Display swf, Image, Miniatures, Title,
.Caption, Description .
.Delete text Boxes
.Graphic Libraries with: 30 Background, 15 Navigation Toolbar / 30 Miniatures Mask, 30 Image Mask / 35 Miniature  Actionscript Effects / (Zoom, Random, Shifting, ShowOut, etc) / 70 animated Actionscript Open Photo Effects / 70 animated Actionscript Close Photo Effects
.Preview design flash template
.Save flash template for A2 Flash BuilderS
.Miniatures in A2 Flash BuilderS
.Grafic Libraries: 130 transition, 120 animated effects, 150 Photo Gallery  . . . . .Flash Templates and more . . .
.Save flash template for online Flash Photo
.Gallery in A2 Flash BuilderS

- Pentium II 800 MHz
- 256 MB RAM

- Reduced number of graphic components
- Stamp on background and images
- Nag screen

License type: $149.00
Date added: Aug. 24, 2010, 3:06 a.m. | Last updated: March 28, 2011, 9:51 p.m.