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    WESPA PHP Newsletter allows you to manage a mailing list on your web site. A very easy newsletter application that is great for sending out newsletters to all your clients or friends. Features of WESPA PHP Newsletter:- Create different subscription forms - Store email addresses in MySQL or flat file - Use php mail, sendmail, or smtp to send out ...
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    newsletter is a simple PHP newsletter project, use MySQL database to store news articles and subscribed users list, template based, easy customizable, admin panel.Requirements: - PHP4- MySQL- linux/Unix
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    Db-newsletter is designed to allow you to easily send personalized PHP newsletter(s) or mass mails. It uses MySQL as its database storage. You only need a web-server with php and mysql. An automatic subscribe and unsubscribe function included in this newsletter project. Subscribe and unsubscribe links can be included in every email's content is the highlighted feature of this free ...
  4. PHP Multiple Newsletters
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    PHP Multiple Newsletters allows you to create a PHP newsletter(s) subscription service. You will be able to create multiple newsletters through this free PHP project, thus offering your users a choice of information about your company/site. Users will be able to Unregister from the newsletter(s) themselves: so there is very little maintenance within the project. Through the intuitive Admin system, ...
  5. iKode Newsletter Server
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    iKode Newsletter server is an easy-to-use PHP newsletter software and email marketing software created to manage your mailing list and start your email marketing campaigns assistance with high delivery,tracking and analysis function.Features of iKode Newsletter Server:- Fast delivery:How many emails do you have? We can reach 800,000 newsletters per day.- Easy to Install & Use:Easy to install and configure on ...
  6. Animus Mailing List
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    Animus Mailing list is a PHP Newsletter script that allows you to creat mailling lists that your customers can opt in to. Additonally, when you send out something to your mailling list you have option of archiving it - meaning that people who aren't on your mailling list can see what you sent.Animus Mailling list script can keep in touch ...
  7. AcyMailing
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    AcyMailing is a Joomla component which enables you to create mailing lists, manage your subscribers and send Newsletters, it aims to allow you to maintain real communication with your contact via e-mail marketing, newsletter, follow-up autoresponders, marketing campaigns. It is a PHP Newsletter which keeps you in permanent contact with your subscribers. Features of AcyMailing:- Efficient User Management- E-mail validation ...
  8. aznewsletter
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    aznewsletter is a simple PHP newsletter system. User can subscribe and unsubscribe to the newsletter, admin can send messages, delete or change stored email adresses. Install script included! Installation:- Adjusting the variables in config.php- Upload the files to the server- Calls to admin / install.php -> database structure is created- Log on admin / install.php
  9. MailingList system
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    MailingList system is a PHP newsletter project designed for small or medium size website with 3000 or less subscriber to allow you to send newsletter to your subscribers and manage their subscribers. With this project, you can easily create one from your admin panel whenever you need to send out your newsletter. Then just to click on the send button, ...
  10. PHPlist
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    PhpList is the world's most popular open source email campaign manager(PHP Newsletter). With a powerful set of features (eg. personalisation, targetting,metrics and its own API). Phplist is a one-way email announcement delivery system. It is great for newsletters, publicity lists, notifications, and many other uses.Features of PHPlist:- Web Based Interface: Lets you write and send messages, and manage your email ...
  11. ADbNewsSender
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    ADbNewsSender is an easy to install and use php newsletter script. You can use it to manage multiple newsletters. It is using double opt in and supports MySQL and PostgreSQL. You can also present a web archive to your website's visitors.Advantages of ADbNewsSender:- You have always valid IP-adresses and timestamps of your recipients. Because of this you can proof that ...
  12. Tellmatic - the newslettermachine
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    Tellmatic is a php newsletter script based on MySQL to create, manage and send personalized newsletters or mass mails. Tellmatic can track newsletters by adding a small image or your own logo to the newsletter text. Views and clicks on links in a PHP newsletter which is sent as HTML are detected and get counted.The PHP project uses WYSIWYG and ...
  13. OpenNewsletter
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    OpenNewsletter is a no database PHP newsletter features for Simple, Small, Beautiful Add/Delete Subscribe Import/Export Subscribers. Users Can Subscribe/Unsubscribe Option to Send Unsubscribe Link or Not Option to Set Charset for Newsletter Text/HTML Newsletter.
  14. NmnNewsletter
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    NmnNewsletter is a library based on MySQL to provide PHP newsletter service management for websites. Moreover, it can be installed and embedded in your site easily just in minutes. With this project, you can manager and confirm users of your website, send newsletters to subscribers.What's New in This Release Version 1.0.8 NmnNewsletter:- Buxfix release- Fixed absolute urls bug on tinyMCE- ...
  15. ANJEL
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    ANJEL is a PHP Newsletter just designed for Joomla!, the best PHP CMS(Content Management System) currently. If you choose Joomla! as your CMS, ANJEL should be the best newsletter component for your your Joomla! website.What's New in This Release Version 0.6.1 ANJEL:- important potential security hole not all files check for valid_mos- all language files and three others affected- fixed ...
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