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    This is an Open Source blogging platform, which allows an user to write his thoughts and publish them online.Features of PHP MicroBlog Free:- Manage user details- Manage categories- Add/edit posts- Automated installer- Admin panelRequirements:- PHP 5 or Higher- MySQL 4.1 or Higher
  2. Spam free PHP GuestBook
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    This is a free PHP Guestbook script. It supports MySQL database for its operation. Comes packed with a graphic installer and admin content moderation panel.Features of Spam free PHP Guestbook:- Admin panel- Graphic automated installer- Comment moderation- User registration system- CAPTCHA protection- Themes- WYSIWYG editingRequirements:- PHP 5.2.1 or Higher- GD library 2.1 or Higher- MySQL 5.0 or Higher
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    SabreDAV is a PHP framework which allows you to easily add WebDAV support to a PHP application. SabreDAV is meant to cover the entire standard, and attempts to allow integration using an easy to understand API. Feature SabreDAV PHP Framework:- Fully WebDAV compliant- Supports Windows XP, Windows Vista, Mac OS/X, DavFSv2, Cadaver, Netdrive, Open Office, and probably more.- Passing all ...
  4. WebMail Pro PHP
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    WebMail Pro PHP is a browser-based e-mail and collaboration front end, designed to work with your existing messaging solutions. From an administrator's perspective, the application is easy to install on your own server, easy to integrate and easy to maintain.Features of WebMail Pro for PHP version:- Access any POP3/IMAP account- Compose/Reply/Forward/Delete/Print mails- AJAX user interface for modern browsers, static HTML ...
  5. PHP RSS Reader
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    PHP RSS Reader is a powerful tool that allows you to add news aggregation to your website, increasing user retention, content, backlinks and revenue. There are many reasons to add a news aggregator to your own website. Did you know that by publishing news within your industry, bloggers and various website owners will want you to publish their news too? ...
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    Built on PHP and MySQL, PHP Simple FAQ is just that, a simple, easy to use and administrate FAQ system for websites. Completely text-based and multi-lingual, it can easily conform to any web site since it works off of just one page. It is a free and open source PHP FAQ system.
  7. Thin PHP Framework
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    Thin PHP Framework is a lightning fast MVC framework written in PHP and suitable for web developers who want a robust framework to start their projects but don't want too many dependencies. It's a smaller in size alternative to over-bloated frameworks like Symfony, Zend or CakePHP. Features of Thin PHP Framework:- PHP5 Support- OOP - Object Oriented Architecture- MVC - ...
  8. ViArt Shop - PHP Shopping Cart Software
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    Viart Shop is an PHP e-commerce solution supports MySQL and PostgreSQL databases as well as ODBC connected databases. The goal of ViArt Shop is to create a system capable of performing all of the functions needed to do business online. It must be the ideal ecommerce solution for smaller e-businesses and for stores that have no more than fifty products ...
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    WESPA PHP Newsletter allows you to manage a mailing list on your web site. A very easy newsletter application that is great for sending out newsletters to all your clients or friends. Features of WESPA PHP Newsletter:- Create different subscription forms - Store email addresses in MySQL or flat file - Use php mail, sendmail, or smtp to send out ...
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    This program will export Apache log data from a MySQL database into a file for use with Awstats and other progarms that need it in this format. It features of easily Easily configurable options for exporting and running Awstats.What's new in PHP Awstats access_log Exporter 0.1.1:- Increased the PHP memory limit and timeout.
  11. Moc10 PHP Library
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    Moc10 PHP Library is an object-oriented PHP library aims to help anyone from a novice to an expert readily and quickly implement and deploy a web application. This lightweight, easy-to-use and easily deloyable PHP Library can integrate a handful of some of the "basics" that go into many websites, projects and applications. Features of Moc10 PHP Library:- Moc10_Autoloader to Load ...
  12. Avactis PHP shopping cart
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    Avactis PHP shopping cart is a package to help you open an online store easily on the Internet. Two parts included in this PHP ecommerce solution: A client side and an Administrator side. A Client side which allows the visitors tp your site to browse and select product, and put them into their PHP shopping cart in the online store ...
  13. Banshee PHP Framework
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    Banshee PHP Framework is designed to build a website securely and fast. It uses a Model-View-Control architecture (XSLT for the views). Although it was designed to use MySQL as the database, other database applications can be used as well with only little effort.What's New in This New Release Version 2.6 Banshee PHP Framework:- Session class added for improved session handling.- ...
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    Akarru is a social PHP bookmark engine, is used to build social bookmarkings sites. Users can post links and promote links to front page using voting system. What's New in This Release version 0.6 Akarru PHP Bookmark Engine:- Is more easy to install and deploy akarru.- Akarru is faster now, capable of 80 requests per/second on 1 Gb Dual Xeon ...
  15. Limb3 PHP Framework
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    Limb3 is an open source PHP framework and also a library of interdependent modules and blocks designed for rapid web application prototyping and developments using PHP 5, in which many packages were distributed via Limb3 PEAR channel. Limb3 consists of many reusable components and you can cherry pick the ones you need and combine them with other frameworks and libraries(e.g. ...
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