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    PHP MySQL Address Book possesses almost all features of Outlook contacts, with different views, profile pics search etc implemented using php + MySQL. The project is designed for those who migrates contacts from outlook to MySQL.
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    EMAMP allows you to install Apache PHP MySQL on your Mac without altering system files. It's modular design allows you to run different versions of php/mysql/apache without them interfering with each other.
  3. Nooms - a php/mysql CMS
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    Nooms - a php/mysql CMS is a simple, light and powerful CMS for simple websites. It uses PHP4/PHP5 and Mysql4/Mysql5 with features for Easy to install and use. Multilanguage (English/Spanish/Catalan at the moment).Features of Nooms - a php/mysql CMS:- Customizable section system: You choose articles per page, number of articles shown, sectiong hiding, etc.- WYSIWYG (What You See Is What ...
  4. Instant PHP/MySQL Guestbook
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    Main features of Instant PHP/MySQL Guestbook: - UTF-8 messages, - template based customization, - comprehensive field validation, - pending/censored/private messages, - message preview, - visual confirmation (Captcha), - owner comment,- exporting messages in HTML.
  5. PHP MySQL AJAX Data Modifier
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    PHP MySQL AJAX Data Modifier is a framework for displaying MySQL data over a PHP driven AJAX user-interface, allowing the user to modify data dynamically and page through results. The project is a multi-user platform with active synchronization between user windows.
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    Website Content Management :(php/mysql/wap/flash content management system)- e-commerce SSL 128, news, events, downloads, resources, products, forum, statistics, surveys, security, administration, online html editor, visual rtf editor wysiwyg, jobs.
  7. PHPOLL php - mysql poll system
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    PHPOLL is a simple poll system written in PHP and mysql. It has an e-mail confirmation (crypted) and an admin-panel. Installation info and amind panel are now in both english and italian language. PHPOLL is free open source.
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    The TBSource code contains the basic components needed to build a private ratio based Bit-Torrent tracker. Originally based on the ByteMonsoon source, TBSource has easily become the most commonly used core for many of the private sites around today.
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    PHP Ticket System is the begging of a new project working on to develop a free ticketing / work order web application using PHP/MySQL/JavaScript. It is refreshing easy to use trouble ticketing web application.
  10. PHP Enter
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    PHP Enter is an online news publishing system that features easy installation, user submission, and an admin panel for adding, editing, and removing categories and news. Features of PHP Enter:- Search engine friendly urls (mod_rewrite is required).- Smarty Template System- Captcha Protection- TinyMCE Editor- Private Message System- Image Gallery- YouTube Videos- Google Adsense Integration Requirements:- PHP, MySQL, GD Library
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    Asaancart is simple online shopping cart solution especially developed for small and medium businesses. It is easy to install, PHP MySQL, smarty templates based shopping cart system that enables you create an online shop quickly. Main Features of Simple PHP Shopping cart - asaancart:- Open Source- Unlimited Categories- Unlimited Products- Unlimited Manufacturers / Brands- Product-based and Variant-based Inventory Control- Templatable- ...
  12. Php simple acces data mysql
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    Php simple acces data mysql allows the automatic generation of class giving access simplified to the data. The data base must be of MySql type.Utilisé dans un projet PHP, cet outil vous permettra de gagner un temps précieux lors de vos développements.Une fois votre projet créé, vous définissez les relations existantes entres les différentes tables puis le Framework s’occupe du ...
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    PHP-Comics is a Comic viewer written in PHP/MySQL for reading .cbr and .cbz files.
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    PHP Counter is a multi-account real time web-site counter in PHP/MySQL with lots of different statistics of the visitors.
  15. Breeze CMS - A PHP Content Manage System
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    Breeze CMS builds with PHP+MySQL, an PHP Content Manage System. It can run at Linux/Unix/Win32, apache/IIS, PHP, MySQL.
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