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    Features of HBcms:- HBcms is a PHP+Mysql based Content Management System. Fully used PEAR and Smarty.- Frontend: Automatic published to staticly HTML pages; Automatic recreated HTML pages daily by javascript; Automatic used web server 404 error page to create HTML page; Automatic publish new articles every day!- Backend: Smarty templates; Custom tags; Custom tables and addon-modules; WYSIWYG editor; File manager; ...
  2. Dolphin SNS
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    Dolphin is a PHP project designed to create your own social networking service, community or dating site without limits. It includes all modules, flash apps, iPhone and desktop app. Dolphin takes the idea of "visual modification" to the next level with drag-and-drop "Builders" that allow you to arrange content, customize profiles, create whole new custom pages and page elements. "Builders" ...
  3. SiteX
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    With the project, SiteX, you will have your own dynamic site in under 5 minutes! Driven by PHP and MySQL, SiteX consists of photo gallery, journal, guestbook, calendar, links, polls, forums, choice of 5 design themes and very powerful yet easy to use admin panel.
  4. WikiCMS - Content Management System
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    WikiCMS is a simple PHP and MySQL based content management system for websites. Predefined contents like a guestbook, an image gallery or a contact form makes web design easy. Main features of WikiCMS:- Write content in a wiki or a WYSIWYG editor- Upload and manage files with the file manager- Use predefined contents like a guestbook, an image gallery or ...
  5. Enigma
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    LSP: Enigma is an easy to use portal package for your website. The portal includes forums, news, articles, links, a guestbook and FAQs which can be integrated with popular chat and photo gallery scripts. Requirements:- PHP 4.2+ - MySQL
  6. XHP CMS - eXpandable Home Page
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    XHP CMS - eXpandable Home Page is an easy to install, easy to use, easy to expand content management system (CMS) written in PHP and using MySQL as the database engine. It includes blog, image gallery, WYSIWYG content editor, aggregator , guestbook and it provides an API for contributed modules. XHP CMS runs on both PHP 4 and PHP 5. ...
  7. Freestyle Dust Management System
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    The Freestyle Dust Management System is a content management system for lanpartys. It includes a usermanagenment, a forum, a news section, a seatplan, a tourney system, a guestbook, a pollsystem. It's suitable for big Lanpartys. It's written in PHP und uses a MYSQL.
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    PhpGuestbook is a guestbook application written in PHP which provides text formatting, smilies, templates and an administration interface. It uses the PEAR::DB interface to connect to various databases and it is os independent.
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    FunBlog is designed to be an out-of-the-box website. Perfect for a personal home page! It includes a blog index page, a guestbook page, a links page, and a photogallery. All you need it PHP. Designed for simplicity, it features a control panel.
  10. GBook
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    GBook, a guestbook written in PHP which uses mySQL as database. It has a powerful admin-system which allows you to delete and modify any post in the guestbook. It also contain a IP banning/unbanning system to make sure that you are protected from obscene comments. There can be used smileys. It is easy to install and easy to use. What's ...
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    MultiCom Webpage System aims to provide a Guestbook, a NewsSystem and a Forum in one single system, administrable from one Control Center. The system is completely written in PHP/HTML with a MySQL backend.
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