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    mail is a simple PHP library for writing messages and the user's IP to a text file. The 'mail' PHP library works by logging a user's message, IP address and date to a text file and then locking the file file via chmod. To prevent spamming, a filtering algorithm is hardcoded in the library, so no more than 10 messages ...
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    Clansuite is a PHP content management system especially designed for e-sports teams. It's designed to effectively manage and administrate team-ressources, people, processes and information on the web, while (hopefully) driving better competitive results. Because of it's modular design approach, it could be used by everyone demanding a feature-rich and easy to maintain content management system. It can also be used ...
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    This is a simple to use content management system. PHPKIT WCMS is an open source PHP CMS project. It allow non-technical users to install and manage their own website. Features of PHPKIT WCMS:- Admin panel- Graphic installer- Forum management- User management- Modular design- Theme manager- RSS feeds- Guestbook- WYSIWYG editor- Smileys- Categories- BBcode support- File manager- Avatars- Private messages- User ...
  4. Kajona
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    Kajona is a flexible and simple to use web content management system (CMS).The CMS provides strict separation of content and layout and AJAX operations. It can be used on any kind of Web development process, by technical or non-technical users alike. Features of Kajona:- Module system- Graphic installer- Easy administration panel- Multilanguage support- Skinning engine- Widget engine- Drag'n'drop interaction- User ...
  5. GBoook
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    GBook v3.3 is a website guestbook written in PHP and MySQL. GBook is a rewrite of Groon's World original GBook. It is the third rewrite of the web application and proves to be more functional, user friendly and easier to intigrate in an existing website. The news template system makes adding GBook to your site an absolute breeze with a ...
  6. ClanSphere
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    ClanSphere is an advanced web CMS for clan and gaming related pages. This project has grown in the past years and became the most advanced web cms for clan and gaming related pages. It features modul management, template and language switching and so on. ClanSphere can work from a wide range of PHP versions and database drivers. Features of ClanSphere:- ...
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    Admbook is a guestbook written in PHP that uses a text file for storing data. Features of Admbook:- database not required - allows to delete and edit messages through a web interface (admin only) - allows for admin to reply messages (admin only) - parses all HTML tags except: <b>some text</b> <i>some text</i> (can be turned on/off [admin only]) - ...
  8. phpBazar
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    phpBazar is a higly customizable template-driven PHP classified ads script.Features of phpBazar:- WebSetup Install/Update-Tool- Easy Config (config.php-File, style.css-File)- Multi Languages, easy customizeable with Variables & Templates (incl.: English, German, French)- Online Language Switch (unlimited Languages supported)- Automatic Dynamic PageBreaks- User (Member) Registration (incl. E-Mail confimation)- User (Member) Authentification (Cookie based)- User (Member) Data-Administration- Lost Password Function- Unlimited Members- Unlimited Categories- ...
  9. phpBook
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    phpBook is a free PHP-MySQL guestbook script for your personal home pages with a very nice design, fast and stable code. phpBook supports theme and location templates. It is also a multilanguage (english, german, italian, portuguese, french, dutch, danish, swedish, japanese, chinese, arabian, yug, greek) guestbook. As a security guestbook, IP banlist of phpBook will prevent admins from being spam. ...
  10. eBlog
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    eBlog is a free PHP Blog script that can be used to manage and maintain personal blogs written in PHP. This solution works great out of the box and does not require any programming or developing skills. After completing the installation process, this system will stand up to anything. It will not only allow you to add, edit and delete ...
  11. ReloadCMS
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    ReloadCMS is a free CMS written on PHP and based on flat files. It does not need any DB installed(!) and realise all abilities of high-level CMS like modularity, templates, users management, advanced rights system and package of main modules like articles, news, guestbook, minichat, filearchive, forum, catalogue and others...
  12. LinPHA
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    LinPHA is an easy to use and multilingual PHP Photo gallery/image album based on SQL database(MySQL/PostgreSQL/SQLite), which can be used to store information about your pictures. It features for complete user management, zip-album downloads, top ten statistics, hiddedn albums, web filemanager with upload capabilities, watermarks, printing, guestbook and much more. You are not required to have experience in setting up ...
  13. RTNews
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    RTNews is a very simple news poster that requires MySql and php4 to run.Installation:- Put your mysql params and change the html template in the file config.php;- In the page where you want to run your script write the following line of code as show in index.php: <?php include("/path_to/news.php"); ?> on the top of the page <?php read_news(); ?> where ...
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    php3guest is an easy to use guestbook implementation for PHP (4.1.0 and higher) using a mysql database as a backend. Features of php3guest: - easy customization using header and footer, - option to allow HTML in posting, - set the number of entries to display per page, - required field checking, - optional email notification and more.
  15. PuszGuestBook
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    PuszGuestBook, a simple guestbook based on PuszBaza database (PuszBaza is already included in this script. You don't need nothing more than php to use it).
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