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    UFO is a small rugged PHP framework, usable as library or as framework.user management is inspired of OWASP PhpSec library.It provide security features with un new point of view.UFO tries to solve exceptions and it provide some mechanisms to mitigate security errors during development.
  2. TeamSpeak 3 PHP Framework
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    TeamSpeak 3 is an open source, object-oriented PHP framework for communicating with TeamSpeak 3. Provides individual components to communicate with TeamSpeak 3 servers. Developed with agile methods, the framework is enterprise ready and can be jolted into production in any live TeamSpeak-powered web PHP application. TeamSpeak is a voice chat cross-platform software that allows people to speak with each other ...
  3. Adventure PHP Framework
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    The Adventure PHP Framework (APF) understands itself as a utility to implement object oriented and generic PHP web applications. It supports the developer in creating programs in compliance with approved software design patterns. Its code base already has answers to many day-to-day problems. The framework cannot be described as an application that only has to be configured but rather as ...
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    This is a rapid application development framework for PHP. Comes with a wide array of plugins and scripts, to reduce development time and reuse code when coding the same functionality.Features of crVCL PHP framework:- MVC- GUI-Components- Ajax- SQL-Builder- SQL load balancing- XML-Classes- Sphinx Full Text Search Engine- XML-RPC Client/Service- PDF and ZIP file supportRequirements:- PHP 5.2.1 or Higher- JavaScript enabled ...
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    Osezno PHP Framework is a PHP 5 framework for developing web applications. Osezno PHP Framework breaks that division through simplicity, ensuring quality in the development of the code, a high degree of readability and organization of the same when apply your code style.Osezno PHP Framework allows you to:Define Html templates with areas of work that can be replaced with content, ...
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    Thought Push PHP Framework does not respect all programming conventions out there, but focuses on being useful in specific web development environments.Features of Thought PHP Framework:- Separation of concerns- High configuration details- Rules- Controllers- Request handling- Templates- Display controls- Database- Debugging- Cookies management- SessionsRequirements:- PHP 5.0 or Higher
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    SabreDAV is a PHP framework which allows you to easily add WebDAV support to a PHP application. SabreDAV is meant to cover the entire standard, and attempts to allow integration using an easy to understand API. Feature SabreDAV PHP Framework:- Fully WebDAV compliant- Supports Windows XP, Windows Vista, Mac OS/X, DavFSv2, Cadaver, Netdrive, Open Office, and probably more.- Passing all ...
  8. Thin PHP Framework
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    Thin PHP Framework is a lightning fast MVC framework written in PHP and suitable for web developers who want a robust framework to start their projects but don't want too many dependencies. It's a smaller in size alternative to over-bloated frameworks like Symfony, Zend or CakePHP. Features of Thin PHP Framework:- PHP5 Support- OOP - Object Oriented Architecture- MVC - ...
  9. Simple PHP Framework
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    This Simple PHP Framework is a pragmatic approach to build websites with PHP 5. It is especial towards web design shops and freelance programmer looking for a common foundation to quickly bring web projects to life. This PHP Framework follows the no-framework framework method coined by Rasmus Lerdorf — with a little Active Record thrown in for good measure and ...
  10. MIPHPF- Mirchev Ideas PHP Framework
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    MIPHPF- Mirchev Ideas PHP Framework is a featured framework aims to help developers to easily create dynamic pages and manage data from database. It features for fast development, superb quality and in-built functionality. It should be the best choice for developers who want to achieve fast development; deliver extremely high-quality project and gain friendly user interface from the framework's in-built ...
  11. MicroMVC PHP Framework
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    MicroMVC PHP Framework offers model, library, controller, function and view management designed especially for developers who are new to the Model View Controller world of OOP. It teaches how MVC framework with a simple-to-understand code structure, it provides a base speed for comparing frameworks like Zend and CodeIgniter. It is also a Framework to run smaill scripts and systems(like blogs) ...
  12. Banshee PHP Framework
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    Banshee PHP Framework is designed to build a website securely and fast. It uses a Model-View-Control architecture (XSLT for the views). Although it was designed to use MySQL as the database, other database applications can be used as well with only little effort.What's New in This New Release Version 2.6 Banshee PHP Framework:- Session class added for improved session handling.- ...
  13. Lion PHP Framework
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    Lion is a promising open source PHP framework designed to create rich web applications as a combination of the most valuable features and patterns taken from the development community. This PHP framework is the perfect balance between rapid development, scalability and performance, meaning that it has been specially designed for people who need to reduce engineering efforts, people who need ...
  14. Alloy PHP Framework
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    Alloy is a lightweight REST-centered Hierarchical MVC PHP Framework features for simple and elegant object-oriented design. It is also a modular organization, REpresentational State Transfer (REST) is a core part of Module architecture, and is built-in and accounted for from the beginning, not bolted-on as an afterthought.Features of Alloy PHP Framework:- Lightweight- Modular organization- Hierarchical MVC (HMVC)- REST-centered- Command line ...
  15. Recess PHP Framework
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    Recess is a modern PHP framework that uses a loosely-coupled Model-View-Controller architecture designed and optimized specifically for PHP 5. It is an free and open source RESTful PHP framework project designed to give beginner and seasoned developers a fun and delightful development experience. Recess is fast, light-weight, and has a very small footprint—ideal for LAMP development and drag-and-drop deployment to ...
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