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  1. Spitfire CMS
    553 total visits
    Spitfire is an innovative open source PHP content management system. It splits content into layout zones, text and utility. Using an admin dashboard loaded on the side of the site, it allows the admin to edit his desired sections. The admin panel is easy to use, and favors techies and newbies the same.What's New in This Version:- Fixed search function.- ...
  2. Ecommerce CMS - Online Store Builder
    1488 total visits
    Ecommerce CMS is a PHP ecommerce solution that combines a flexible shopping cart engine with powerful content-management functions.Features of Ecommerce CMS:- Free open-source PHP/MySQL solution- Can work as a standalone online store and in connection with Drupal CMS with tons of ready-made Drupal modules- Web-based installation wizard that installs both LiteCommerce and Drupal (when run from the Ecommerce CMS package)- ...
  3. Wolf CMS
    2416 total visits
    Wolf CMS is a simple PHP based content management system. The project started as a fork of the Frog CMS, but has evolved into a complex CMS. Features of Wolf CMS:- PHP-based, easily extended CMS- Database may be MySQL or SQLite- Simple drag & drop page hierarchy- Frog CMS plugin compatible Requirements:- PHP 5 or Higher- MySQL 4.1+ or SQLite ...
  4. Limb3 PHP Framework
    515 total visits
    Limb3 is an open source PHP framework and also a library of interdependent modules and blocks designed for rapid web application prototyping and developments using PHP 5, in which many packages were distributed via Limb3 PEAR channel. Limb3 consists of many reusable components and you can cherry pick the ones you need and combine them with other frameworks and libraries(e.g. ...
  5. Cart2: The Ultimate PHP Shopping Cart
    1067 total visits
    Open your own online shop today with Cart2! Unique features of Cart2 include: CMS engine based on our qEngine, product options, custom fields, digital products, user friendly administration control panel, easy to use custom fields, unsurpassed flexibility. Key Features qEngine 4.0Based on qEngine 4.0, a CMS script made by us. Providing the best of two worlds, a multi purpose CMS ...
  6. Quick.Cms - free and simple to use CMS
    2443 total visits
    Quick.Cms is a free, simple to use and easy to modify CMS script. Users value it for its great Google results, its very good performance, compliance with many standards (XHTML 1.1, WAI and CSS) and its technical support. Features of Quick.Cms:- great Google results,- very good performance,- simple to use,- easy modification of HTML and PHP,- no unnecessary options,- compliance ...
  7. PHPmotion Media Sharing CMS
    1481 total visits
    PHPmotion Media Sharing CMS - PHPmotion is a free video sharing software that also has support for other types of media such as audio/mp3 sharing. The Content Managent System or (media cms application) will allow you to create and run your very own Video Sharing website, Music Sharing Site, Picture Sharing Site. With very little knowledge required you can now ...
  8. Anantasoft Gazelle CMS
    436 total visits
    Gazelle is a fast, free and requires no learning CMS complexity in its simplest form - you can just dive in with the content and make the next big site.Features of Gazelle CMS:- Menus . Different menu groups for different places on your website . Ability to set different permissions per menu . Arrange the order of the menus . ...
    555 total visits
    BLOG:CMS is the most advanced personal Content management system and most complete, feature-packed, personal publishing system on the market. It includes state-of-the-art weblog, forum, wiki engine, news aggregator (atom / rss), and photo gallery. Requirements:- MySQL 4.0 or 4.1- SQLite- PHP 4.0.6 or higher Features of BLOG:CMS:- Standards compliance - Maintenance of one or more weblogs/news-sites- Integrated Forum - Integrated ...
  10. Jojo CMS
    399 total visits
    Jojo is a PHP-based free CMS for web developers wanting to build good websites. We like sites that are fast, standards compliant, easy to manage, search engine friendly and design flexible.Jojo Open Source CMS offers a fair bit of functionality out of the box, that other paid or free CMS systems don't have, or require hacking to have. Feature of ...
  11. No
    370 total visits
    Lanius CMS is a light-weight PHP dynamic web authoring and content managment system with an embedded flat file database and support for any other database system. It features for high speed, best security, fully internationalized and customizable. Lanius CMS works on any PHP4/PHP5.Features of Lanius CMS:- embedded flatfile database (Gladius DB)- supports many DBMSes through adoDBM (MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL etc)- ...
  12. GetSimple CMS
    691 total visits
    GetSimple CMS is an open source CMS built using PHP and XML. It utilizes the speed and convenience of XML, a best-in-class UI and the easiest learning curve of any simple Content Management System out there. The CMS uses XML to store data, avoiding the complex MySQL database that everybody seems to use. Features of GetSimple CMS:- Best Security - ...
  13. Mapix CMS
    496 total visits
    Mapix CMS is a PHP flat-file content management system that stores data inside XML files. It is not for large scale environments, but can be easily deployed and used in small to medium web projects. Features of Mapix CMS:- Admin panel- XML, text and image editors- Documentation- Multi-site support- Users management- Roles and permissions- Mutli-lingual- Easy to style via templates- ...
  14. No
    266 total visits
    PluggedOut CMS is flexible and powerful content management system for PHP/MySQL based systems. The project has tried, tested and trusted in enterprise level systems. PluggedOut CMS features for providing rich multi user management of big websites through an extensive admin interface.
  15. No
    211 total visits
    NX CMS is a powerful content management system for the web. NX CMS is focused on delivering content in many powerful ways. Its functions and content-types can be extended with the plugin-interface and a very very powerful API.Requirements:- mySQL 4.0.x- Apache 1.3.30or higher- php 4.3.10 or higher
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