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    PHP CMS Generator is an utility to creat content management scripts to manage database content. It includes many useful features and a long TODO list of more useful features. Database Tools. PHP CMS Generator don't have any system requirements and supports PHP language.
  2. Pointter PHP CMS
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    Pointter PHP Content Management System is an advanced, fast and user friendly CMS script that can be used to build simple websites or professional websites with product categorization, product blogs, member login and seach modules. The webmaster can creat unlimited static page boxes, static pages, main categories, sub categories and product pages. The system is very flexible and every box, ...
  3. php CMS
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    phpCMS is a PHP content management system, which is characterized by simple system requirements, high performance, and, above all, flexibility.phpCMS is suitable for small, private websites, as well as complex, high traffic websites including the integration of web services and external applications.Admittedly - the flexibility of phpCMS makes life not always easy for HTML-beginners. But experienced web designers, who want ...
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    Peardrop CMS is a simple, easy to use flat-file PHP CMS. Peardrop CMS is a system that enables technical and non-technical users to install and setup a website within minutes. It satisfies both user categories by providing a WYSIWYG interface for easy content adding, while also enabling more advanced users access to more in-depth customization tools. Features of Peardrop CMS:- ...
  5. Kirby CMS
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    Kirby CMS is a flat file-based PHP CMS. It allows writing content in static files and then printing them out on a web page using complex templates. Features of Kirby CMS:- Instant installation- Any content you like- Design your own templates- jQuery inspired API- No database involved Requirements:- PHP 5.2 or Higher What's New in This Version:- Multi-Language Support- Auto ...
  6. Dev's CMS
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    This is a minimalistic PHP CMS. And it's mainly made of a collection of PHP scripts which eases the task of managing a PHP and MySQL site. An administrative interface is provided, for easily managing content.Features of Dev's CMS:- MySQL database queries- PHP templates- Basic authenticating- Nested sorting- File management- Galleries- Admin interfaceLimitations:- Admin interface is in Swedish.
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    This is simple to use web based PHP CMS that allows webmasters to easily, quickly and dynamically update the content on their website. The CMS uses a flat-file based system making it simple to port into any website. Just copy the CMS folder to web server and that's it. Features of Lemon CMS:- Multiple users with user permission- Multidomain Management ...
  8. OpenRat CMS
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    OpenRat CMS is a free and lightweight PHP CMS project. Due to its small code core and lack of features, OpenRat is recommended for small projects, with no advanced features or complexity.Features of OpenRat CMS:- OpenRat supports webDAV- CK-Editor for editing content- Admin panel- Documentation- Open-ID support- User management- Multiple sitesRequirements:- PHP 4.1 or Higher
  9. Nuggetz CMS
    377 total visits
    This is a PHP CMS with inline modal module editing. Nuggetz facilitates simple content management for websites that either don't have database resources or, a full CMS system is overkill for the level of content management required.Sections of webpages can be made editable using Nuggetz, it integrates easilly with any website design, and is very straightforward to use. Editable PHP ...
  10. papaya CMS
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    papaya CMS is an open source content management system, free of charge and complying with open standards like XML as data format, XSLT as templating language, and PHP for porgramming. It is a powerful PHP CMS project.Features of papaya CMS:- XML based storage and delivery of content- support for Loadbalancing / Clustering- 100% UTF-8 support- Compatible with Apache webserver- Compatible ...
  11. KrisonAV CMS
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    KrisonAV CMS is a free PHP CMS which enables you to build Web sites and online applications. It is based on Codecharge Studio, that makes it extremely powerful and secure.The CMS can be used to build simple or more advanced websites, for any activity domain, starting from Government institutions up to personal websites.Features of KrisonAV:- Configurable access restrictions- Consistency of ...
  12. Template CMS
    1192 total visits
    Template CMS is a fast and lighweight content management system. It is a free PHP CMS project, which allows you to easily create a promo site, satellite, personal page of a person who has no experience in PHP or HTML.Features of Template CMS:- Esy to install, use and update- Simple multilingual administration interface- Mininum requirements for web hosting(without sqlDB only ...
  13. glFusion CMS
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    glFusion CMS is a powerful content management system with synergy, stability & style. Written in PHP and MySQL, it is a free and Open Source PHP CMS project. It comes with a graphics installer, administrative backend and a bunch of useful features and plugins.Features of glFusion CMS:- Standards Based - Coded in PHP5 & MySQL, with a dev friendly api.- ...
  14. DDL CMS
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    DDL CMS is a free and Open Source PHP CMS script, which is easy to install, easy to use, easy to upgrade. A session-based admin login interface, brute-force prevention, and many hidden admin security measures ensures your first-script security.Features of DDL CMS:- Traffic Exchanges:Advanced cheat-proof Topsites with customizable gateway page.Instant Hard Link Exchange system with reciprocal link checking.- Submitter & ...
  15. PHP Nanomus
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    Nanomus is a free and Open Source PHP CMS project. It doesn't use any database, but flatfile system. Nanomus is recommended for small websites, portfolio, curiculum vitae. It's possible to create illimited page, you can delete, edit, deactive/active all the pages.Fore security reasone. nanomus use PHP files to store his datas. And for each page, nanomous create other PHP secure ...
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