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    Chinese Zodiac can tell you your animal sign and corresponding character according to your birthday. Low price customization service available.
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    Complete Horoscope can be used to retrieve all horoscope aspects from astrology.com site. It is an improved version of the horoscope class originally written by George Clarke.Complete Horoscope access the astrology.com site pages for each Zodiac sign and retrieves daily, weekly, monthly or year summaries horoscope and about aspects for single people or couples, romance, career, fitness, teen, technology, flirting, ...
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    AHoroscope is a very simple class that retrieve today's horoscope from the astrology.com site.AHoroscope takes the name of a given Zodiac sign and returns the text of the horoscope of that sign for today.
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    Zodiacal Signs is a simple class that can determine what is the Zodiacal sign associated to a given day of the year.
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    Zodiacal Sign is a simple class that determines what is the zodiacal sign that corresponds to a given day and month of the year.The class validates the specified month and day and returns the file name of a zodiac sign image.
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