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  1. Youtube Clone Video Share Enterprise
    1659 total visits
    Video Share Enterprise is the ultimate solution (youtube clone) for starting your VIDEO, AUDIO and PHOTO sharing and uploading community just like Youtube and MySpace Videos. But wait, not only does our solution offers you a video sharing capability, members can now edit their videos on the fly using our Video Editor Plugin - the first and only fully integrated ...
  2. PHP Melody - Video Script
    1477 total visits
    PHP Melody Version 1.6.6 was build with a fresh perspective in mind allowing video import directly from the top video sites including MegaVideo, Mtvmusic, Yahoo, Joost, Photobucket, Guba, Filebox, Viddler, Imeem, OnMash, Sina, Youku, Spike, DailyMotion, Youtube, Veoh, Vimeo, Trilulilu, MetaCafe, and Google Videos to mention a few. PHP Melody can also embed *any* sort of online video.Besides managing videos, ...
  3. No Screenshot
    117 total visits
    A PHP library that will get metadata from a YouTube playlist, including video, thumbnail image, author name and many other moreThe "Retrieving Videos and Meta Data from a Youtube Playlist" PHP script uses YouTube's official API to retrieve these details.A demo is included with the download package.Key features of Retrieving Videos and Meta Data from a Youtube Playlist:- Get video ...
  4. Zubee Tube PHP Video Script
    1882 total visits
    Zubee Tune is a professional php video script using Youtube API 2.0 and is used by more than 20,000 websites world wide with some impresive traffic statistics. This nifty video script allows you to create you every own YouTube without ever hosing any video files.Zubee Tube works by querying the Youtube API for every search and storing viewed videos and ...
  5. jTube-PHP
    510 total visits
    This is a PHP script for retrieving and embedding YouTube videos. This is a port of the jQuery jTube plugin. Features of jTube-PHP:- Get user uploads- Get user playlists- Get user subscriptions- Get user contacts- Get authenticated user uploads (public & private), playlists, subscriptions, contacts- Search Youtube- Get video feeds (Top Rated, Most Viewed, …)- Get a video playlistRequirements:- PHP ...
  6. YouTube Video Fetcher
    823 total visits
    This PHP video script can retrieve YouTube video files in MP4 format. It takes as parameters the identifier of a YouTube video and the desired download quality value.The script determines the download URL of the video in MP4 format download the video into a local file.Requirements:- PHP 4.0 or Higher
  7. Feedee
    387 total visits
    This PHP script is mainly used to retrieve and parse RSS feeds from remote sites. Feedee first sends HTTP requests to remote sites that provide RSS feeds, then parses the retrieved feeds and extract the feed entry information. The parsed information may be cached for a given period of time. Sub-classes specialized in extracting information from YouTube, Weather.com and WordPress ...
  8. No Screenshot
    593 total visits
    This class can be used to embed YouTube videos given their page URLs. It takes the URL of a page of video in YouTube and generates HTML for embedding the video in an HTML page. Requirement: PHP3.0 or Higher
  9. No Screenshot
    1273 total visits
    This class can be used to download videos from YouTube.It takes an URL of the page of YouTube video and retrieves the page to determine the URL of the Flash video stream.The class downloads the video stream data and serves it for download as the current script output.
  10. YouTube Video API
    1046 total visits
    This package can be used to retrieve information about YouTube videos.It uses the Google Data API to send requests to retrieve information about videos given some search keywords.It can retrieve the video descriptions, thumbnails, comments, links to related or response videos, statistics and ratings.
  11. YouTube Trailer
    1000 total visits
    This class can be used to search and embed movie trailers from YouTube.It can send an HTTP request to retrieve and parse the YouTube search result pages for a trailer of a given movie.The class extracts the identifier of the first result video and generates HTML to embed that video in a Web page.
  12. No Screenshot
    780 total visits
    This class can be used to determine the URL to download the video stream of a YouTube video. It takes the URL of a page of YouTube video, parses the page and determines the URL download the Flash video stream directly.
  13. No Screenshot
    405 total visits
    This class can be used to download videos from YouTube.It takes the URL of the page of a video in YouTube and determines the URL of the Flash video stream .The class can also download the video stream to a file.
  14. No Screenshot
    615 total visits
    This class can be used to retrieve information about videos in YouTube.It can send HTTP requests to YouTube Web services API server to retrieve information about a video given its URL in YouTube.The class can also search and retrieve information about videos that match given keywords.It can also generate HTML to embed the queried videos in Web page, as well ...
  15. phpTub
    1624 total visits
    This class can be used to upload and download video files from YouTube.It can login in YouTube on behalf of a given registered user and upload and download video files.Downloading takes as parameters the identifier of the video to download and the name of the file to which the downloaded video will be stored.Uploading takes as parameters the name of ...
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