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  1. PHP Melody - Video Script
    1477 total visits
    PHP Melody Version 1.6.6 was build with a fresh perspective in mind allowing video import directly from the top video sites including MegaVideo, Mtvmusic, Yahoo, Joost, Photobucket, Guba, Filebox, Viddler, Imeem, OnMash, Sina, Youku, Spike, DailyMotion, Youtube, Veoh, Vimeo, Trilulilu, MetaCafe, and Google Videos to mention a few. PHP Melody can also embed *any* sort of online video.Besides managing videos, ...
  2. Social Login
    473 total visits
    This WordPress plugin allows users to register, login or post comments via one of their social network IDs. It adds extra controls to these sections, allowing the user to select a social network, enter his credentials and have access to site features.Installation:- Unpack and upload it to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.- Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress.Features of ...
  3. No Screenshot
    345 total visits
    This PHP script can be used to perform web searches using the Yahoo BOSS(Build you own search service)API. It sends HTTP requests to the Yahoo Boss API web server to perform searches for Web pages, news and images.The script can cache the results in local files to avoid the overhead of sending requests to perform previously made searches.Requirements:- PHP 5.3 ...
  4. smushit-php
    364 total visits
    A PHP wrapper can losslessly compress image using Yahoo!'s Smush Image Compression Web Service after giving an URL to the image or local image filename.It will service and return the URL to the smushed image along with its meta information.This free PHP script can optionally overwrite the original local image file if the old image is not needed.
  5. SEOstats
    2718 total visits
    SEOstats is a powerful PHP script to get a lot of SEO relevant data, such as Backlinkdetails, Keyword Analysis, Traffic Statistics, Page Authority and much more. It collects data from Google, Yahoo, Majesticseo, SEOmoz, Alexa, Facebook and Twitter.Features of SEOstats:- GoogleGoogle Page RankGoogle Siteindex TotalGoogle Siteindex ArrayGoogle Backlinks Total Google Backlinks Array Google Mentions Total Google Mentions Array- Yahoo Yahoo ...
  6. No Screenshot
    2085 total visits
    gStats uses Javascript code to collect information about site visitors and the intercept the links that they click. The collected information is sent to a PHP script that uses the class to record the information on a MySQL database for posterior statistical processing.gStats can keep track of unique visitors using PHP sessions. It also records the information about the browsers ...
  7. No Screenshot
    2348 total visits
    Yahoo Messenger PM send via PHP can be used to send instant messages to Yahoo messenger users. It connects to Yahoo messenger Web site server and authenticates as a given user.Yahoo Messenger PM send via PHP can send a given messenger to another user.
  8. No Screenshot
    1725 total visits
    Yahoo Messenger Emoticons can be used to replace text that represent smiley expressions by Yahoo messenger icons.Yahoo Messenger Emoticons takes a text string eventually with smileys and replaces them by HTML images of smiley icons used by Yahoo messenger.
  9. No Screenshot
    2455 total visits
    Yahoo Boss Search can send a HTTP request to the Yahoo BOSS Web services server to perform a search that can be for Web pages, images or news. The number of results returned per page can be limited and the start page can be specified. Yahoo Boss Search decodes the results returned in JSON format and stores them in a ...
  10. No Screenshot
    4135 total visits
    This is a script to send an instant message to Yahoo Messenger users. It is a PHP free chat script. It sends HTTP requests to Yahoo web server, authenticating the user and then sending his message to another given user.
  11. No Screenshot
    2268 total visits
    MyWeather isa weather class to retrieve the Yahoo RSS weather feed. The data is parsed and returned in an array for use by the user's prerogative.This class retrieves the Yahoo RSS Weather feed and caches the results. Supplied is the current weather conditions, including image and temperature (specified in Fahrenheit or Celsius). Also, the next two forecasts are provided. The ...
  12. Free PHP Ajax Yahoo Weather API
    2647 total visits
    Free PHP Ajax Yahoo Weather API is a yahoo-weather-api script. Features of Free PHP Ajax Yahoo Weather API:- Uses Yahoo RSS Feed to retrieve current weather, image and two day future.- GUI interaction allows selection of cities or by entering a zipcode.- Use database or file (file is over 2 MB, so server must be strong enough to handle it).- ...
  13. No Screenshot
    1802 total visits
    HTTP requests can be sent to Yahoo Messenger Web server in order to authenticate on behalf of a specified user with Send PM with Yahoo messenger from PHP.Then Send PM with Yahoo messenger from PHP can send another request to send an instant message to another Yahoo Messenger user.Requirements: PHP 3.0 or higher
  14. No Screenshot
    2083 total visits
    CurrencyConvert is a simple PHP Class that's easy to incorporate into your scripts to provide online currency conversion.It obtains prices in real time from the Yahoo! Finance Currency Converter. You can convert between any two of the large number of currencies supported by Yahoo! and the Class provides a list of currency symbols and names to make it easy to ...
  15. No Screenshot
    2074 total visits
    Yahoo accesses the Yahoo online status Web server to check the status of a given user.The response is parsed and true or false is returned, depending of whether the user is online or not.Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
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