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  1. allowHTML
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    This PHP script is mainly used to filter insecure HTML code using the OWASP AntiSamy rules. It can parse HTML documents using DOM document objects and then remove unsafe tags, attributes and CSS parameters. You can change the whitelist in configrration file to detemine which tags, attributes and css style parameters are allowed. This script may also apply filtering rules ...
  2. No Screenshot
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    User Input Sanitization script is created to make sure that your user inputted data is clean. It does so by checking variables $_GET, $_POST, $_REQUEST, $_COOKIE and allows only known variables and make sure that they contain the right type of data.This Free PHP script sanitizes only one variable, returns the variable sanitized according to the desired type or true/false ...
  3. No Screenshot
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    This package can be used to filter or purify HTML to prevent security attacks and for compliance with standards and admin. policies. It can parse HTML documents and rewrite it to filter tags and data that could be used to perform cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks.The filtered tags and data can be controlled by black and white lists that define which ...
  4. Antz_IntelliForm
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    This class can be used to prevent form reposting warnings by saving submitted form data. It saves the values of forms submitted using the POST method to session variables for a given length of time. Then it makes the browser redirect to the same page forcing a new request, this time using the GET method. The form values previously submitted ...
  5. HTML Purifier
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    HTML Purifier is an HTML filtering solution that uses a unique combination of robust whitelists and agressive parsing to ensure that not only are XSS attacks thwarted, but the resulting HTML is standards compliant.HTML Purifier is oriented towards richly formatted documents from untrusted sources that require CSS and a full tag-set. This library can be configured to accept a more ...
  6. No Screenshot
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    With the script Forms Protected of XSS attacks, Passed values can be validated as alphanumerical strings, hexadecimal values, dates, e-mail addresses and passwords of limited length. Requirements: PHP 4.0 or higher
  7. No Screenshot
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    Secure HTML parser and filter,XSS,CSRF is a general purpose parser class to parse any type of markup documents such as HTML, XML and DTD, is included. There are several other classes that can be chained together to retrieve the document token elements returned by the main markup parser class and filter the document elements in an useful way.The markup validator ...
  8. No Screenshot
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    Token generates random token strings and stores it as session variable associated to the time when the token was created. The token gets later passed through a hidden input form field in order to protect against a CSRF attack.Token can also check if the token is valid by looking at the respective session variable and verifying whether it did not ...
  9. No Screenshot
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    CSRF protector can generate a random key and store it in a database record associated to the current session. It uses PEAR MDB2 database abstraction layer to support many types of databases. When the form is submitted with a token hidden input field, the class can also check if the key is valid. If it exists, the key record is ...
  10. No Screenshot
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    A log file containing the IP addresses and whether they could be proxies, gets generated. Rex can also check if an array of POST or GET values contains HTML excerpts with Javascript that could be used to perform XSS (Cross-site scripting) attacks.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higherWhat's New in This Release Rex:- Proxy port scan can be disabled (in some cases, ...
  11. No Screenshot
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    A text value can be subjected to several types of validations. Each validation returns the filtered value or false if the input is not valid.Currently Filtreatment can perform the validations for: integer values, floating point values, strip HTML tags, regular expression matching, e-mail address, HTML without potential cross site scripting (XSS) exploits, and escaped text values for SQL queries to ...
  12. No Screenshot
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    E-mail addresses, phone numbers and URLs can be validated. PHP Data Validation may also filter HTML data to remove tags and attributes that could be used to perform Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) exploits.Requirements:PHP 5.0 or higher
  13. No Screenshot
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    This class can filter input of stray or malicious PHP, Javascript or HTML tags and to prevent cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks. It should be used to filter input supplied by the user, such as an HTML code entered in form fields.I have tried to make this class as easy as possible to use. You have control over the filter process ...
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