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    Php-excel is still the main tool to use for many modern companies when it comes to analysis or reports. Php-excel aims to be the most simple and lightweight approach to convert a matrix-like, two-dimensional array from PHP to Microsoft Excel.Features of Phpexcel: - Create a quick export from a database table into Excel - Compile some statistical records with a ...
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    The package contains two classes for an easy creation, navigation and processing of XML documents. The DOM Document extension class can return the document root element, add a new node to the end of the document, select nodes that match a XPath expression, call a function for a list of elements and transform a document using XSL.The DOM element extension ...
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    Class Generator can be used to generate a script from configuration defined in XML files. Class Generator is a professional PHP code generator. It takes a XML file with definitions of classes and objects that should have certain variables set to specified values.The script generates the defined classes and instantiate objects of the defined classes with the values specified in ...
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    XML&XSLT to Processor is a PHP class that allows you to perform XSLT 2.0 transformations within PHP by using SAXON or AltovaXML.XML&XSLT to Processor all with the ease of the PHP XSL extension.
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    HTML/XHTML and XML Writer can add arbitrary text and tags to a document. The tags may have optional attributes.HTML/XHTML and XML Writer can also provide support to generate common HTML for form inputs with data retrieve from submitted inputs or database queries, listing pagination links, list menus, etc.. XML and XHTML-compliant HTML code can be generated.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    These three objects, combined with the XSL language, are the foundation of the next generation of web development. DOMi is an object that is designed to make this process easier than ever before. A DOMi object can convert complex PHP data into an XML object through a single command, and then render that XML tree against a XSL stylesheet through ...
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    xml2Object parses an XML document and load its information in the class object. The script may also retrieve parts of the XML document and create generic objects from tags that are explicitly identified for that purpose.
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    The package XIRE implements a template engine to create XML, XHTML and other plain text formats. It can be extend using plug-in classes. The templates are defined in a XML format. The tags with the xirl namespace denote template commands that are implemented by the template engine plug-ins. Template errors throw exceptions that can be catched by applications in order ...
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    Syndication Classes provides a class for generating XML documents in general and sub-class specialized in generating RSS feeds. Currently the RSS class generates RSS feeds according to the RSS 2.0 and .9 specification. The RSS class also Validates the feed according to the version used.
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    DbToXml use either a PEAR DB result object or a two dimensional array (array of associative arrays) to get database result records in XML format. The script supports call-back functions for columns to extend the XML document. And other advanced features.
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    The package NAJAX can be used to call PHP scripts on the Web server side from Javascript code in Web pages. It uses AJAX technology to submit HTTP requests from Javascript to pass call parameters and collect and process the XML responses. NAJAX acts as a proxy that maps PHP objects to JavaScript and vice versa. The package provides means ...
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    XmlRepository is the XML storage solution using a relational database. This script uses the Edge Table Approach with inlining to store and retrieve XML objects to or from a relational database. You can insert, update, or delete elements and attributes, load and reconstruct complete xml documents.
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    QBRDS Client allows the integration of PHP applications with QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise accounting system through a SOAP to COM bridge supplied with the QBSDK. The class QBRDS Client is a wrapper around the PHP 5 SOAP client class and is used to send QBXML requests and receive QBXML responses. Users of PHP4 may adapt using the NuSOAP package ...
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    Easy ADSI can be used to query Windows Active Directory. It can read the definition of fields to query from a XML file or programmatically. Once the fields, the objects and conditions are defined, the class can execute the query and retrieve the results, which are returned in arrays. The script Easy ADSI uses COM objects to access the Windows ...
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    RSS parser can parse a RSS feed and extract the information of the feed items. The feed items may be processed by an external function that may perform custom actions like rendering the feed information with a custom template. The script RSS parser may cache the remote feeds in local files for a given period to avoid accessing the remote ...
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