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    Internationalization and Localization can retrieve texts for internationalized applications from databases or plain text files (XML or INIs). It provides a base data source class that defines an interface with functions to retrieve texts given their element identifiers, the language to use, the locale for a language (optional), the application section and an eventual container object of a class that ...
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    c_mysql is a MySQL database access wrapper that can retrieve data records either in arrays or XML documents. It can execute SQL queries for selecting, inserting updating and deleting data records in a given MySQL database table.c_mysql also provides error reporting support by either outputting error messages to the browser, to a error log file, both or neither.
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    VXML Parser class allows you to validates XML files.Features of VXML Parser:- Validate XML- Validate VXML 2.0 Tags- Validate that VXML tag is present in the beginning of the vxml document with the version 2.0- Validate VXML elements functionality- Valate VXML attributts functil document
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    phpreports is a PHP report generator application that uses XML report layout files to generate PHP code and show a report.phpreports supports grouping, subgrouping, functions like sum(), avg(), min(), max() etc..
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    ADODB XML is meant to import and export data stored in SQL databases to XML files using the ADODB library. It provides a function to export the data of SQL query result set to XML file.ADODB XML also provides another function that parses XML files that define the data of fields to be inserted as new rows of a table ...
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    With jMySQLXML you can generate an XML file from any SELECT query in MySQL. You can also insert the resulting XML into a specified table.This class uses the EZXML package.
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    A SAX like parser for non valid xml documents (mainly html).
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    Diagram 2 can draw diagrams of hierarchy trees defined in XML files. The diagram class is a follow-up of another class released here before. Instead of arrays, now it uses XML to define the diagram.Diagram 2 also implements more features supporting: borders, text colors, fonts, text alignments, backgrounds, paddings, margins, text over the node connections and the thickness of the ...
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    Beauty XML is meant to reformat XML documents with consistent indentation and line breaking rules.The class can be configured to use any sequence of whitespace characters for indentation. Optionally, it may also break the words of long lines that exceed a configurable line length.
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    phpdomxml is an implementation for XML's Document Object Model in PHP. The XML DOM is a programming interface for XML documents. It defines the way an XML document can be accessed and manipulated.Somehow PHP is missing a simple DOM for XML and I liked the way Actionscript (and Javascript) uses the DOM to address information in an XML document. So ...
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    ADOXML is meant to execute a SELECT query on any database table and generate a XML document from the query results. It can also take the resulting XML document and execute an INSERT or UPDATE SQL query to update any other table.Requirements:- ADODB- EZXML
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    A class that makes it very easy to read and write XML files. It uses an in-memory tree structure to accomplish this. It allows you to create nicely formatted XML files and to easily extract data from them.
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    XML Document is meant for manipulating XML documents. It may be useful for manipulating XML documents that contain application configuration values, security role definitions or even use the XML documents to store information like in databases.XML Document can parse a XML document and build and object oriented structure that can be manipulated to apply any changes that many be needed. ...
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    Easy class takes XML data and makes it into objects named as the tags in the XML data, with the cdata for values. Can also be used for statistics on the XML file.
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    Array 2 XML is capable of storing the data of associative arrays in XML files using DOM PHP 5 extension API.It supports specifying the XML output file name, the document root name, the output encoding. It also supports storing nested associative arrays.
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