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    PHP Grammar is meant to generate grammar definition XML files for speech recognition applications according to W3 Consortium specification.This XML format for speech grammars is part of the SRGS specification. Platforms conforming to the VoiceXML 2.0 specification are required to support this format. In addition, XML grammars are also supported within the SALT and XHTML Voice specifications.An XSLT Stylesheet is ...
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    XML2DB can generate SQL queries to import data from XML files into an SQL database table.XML2DB uses the Simple XML extension of PHP 5 to parse XML files from which the data is extracted according to mappings that define which tag data and attributes are used to create the resulting SQL INSERT statements.
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    Create Sitemap can be used to generate XML file with the map of the files from a directory.Create Sitemap traverses a given directory recursively and generate nested XML document that lists the names of all files and sub-directories contained in the input directory.
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    XML Cacher is meant to parse and transform XML documents with an XSL stylesheet.It uses PEAR::Cache package to cache the results of parsing and transforming stages to reduce the time to generate the final output after the first time the same XML documents are processed.XML Cacher uses the domXML API to transform the documents.
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    DB 2 XML can be used to generate XML documents from information stored in a MySQL database table. The class executes a SQL query to retrieve the values of a list of fields of a given SQL table.Then DB 2 XML generates a XML document with the retrieved values as data of XML tags mapped from the original SQL query ...
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    Interprets database schemas which are written in XML. Takes the schema either directly or via a file, parses it, generates the SQL necessary and (optionally) executes the SQL.Works only with MySQL but could be ported to other RDBMS very easily.
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    admin_XML.lib use the class XMLBasica and perform an interface to admin XML file.
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    Gets the XML statistics file from SHOUTcast DNAS server.
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    DaocGuildXML parses the XML feed supplied by the Camelot Herald.DaocGuildXML will parse any guild XML feed into a hash array tree. There are a couple of helper functions to return the member list array and a list of attributes for each member.
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    DOM Class can transform XML documents using XSLT stylesheets. It is a wrapper around the PHP DOM XML extension.
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    DTD 2 PHP is meant to generate new PHP classes that are capable of outputting SGML/XML documents compliant with a given DTD definition.DTD 2 PHP class is used in the PHPVoice package.
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    Give an XML from Amazon's Web Service, this class parses the XML and creates and array of with product information.
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    Mrasnika's configuration system uses an XML file to store a data structure for keeping different kind of settings. The XML file has different element of several data types, which are validated when the settings are stored or retrieved.The settings from the configuration file are split in different groups, depending on the purpose for which they are used in the application. ...
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    The XmlNode class is intended for developers who need to generate an XML or XHTML document on-the-fly. It requires PHP 5 support for defining the interface WritableDocument that is implemented by different XML node classes.
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    Cached XSL is around XSLT wrapper Sablotron XSL processor extension that added caching support to reduce the time necessary to process a XML file after the first time it is processed.The caching support is based on the PEAR::Cache class.
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