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    XML Security can be used to encrypt, decrypt, sign and verify data in XML documents using the XMLSec standards.It uses the XMLSec library tools developed by Aleksey Sanin and others to perform the basic cryptographic operations on XML documents to comply with the W3 Consortium XMLSec standards
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    XML Serializer can be used to store and retrieve objects from XML documents.XML Serializer can traverse the list of public variables of an object and generated a XML document with variable values. It can also do the opposite, by loading a previously generated XML document and restore the original object public variable values.
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    i18n can be used to get texts for use in an internationalized application using XML files.i18n can parse the respective XML file for the currently chosen idiom and retrieve texts given a path specification of the XML tags that enclose the requested texts.The translation texts may contain special variable placeholders that may be replaced by parameter values.
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    The SAFOX API is a collection of light-weight APIs for true object-oriented PHP to handle XML files. The latest version also supports the generation and parsing of RSS files.As of version 0.5 the SAFOX wrapper is the starting point for all SAFOX operations. It is an extreme light weight class that allows youo to create any of the SAFOX objects ...
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    VFXP_XML_Parser can be used to parse XML documents. This is a light-weight class optimized for parsing speed, so to make it suitable for frequent parameters parsing.VFXP_XML_Parser uses only base PHP functions, so it does not require any special extension to parse the XML documents. The input XML documents may be parsed from a text string or from a given file.VFXP_XML_Parser ...
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    Podcast Parser can be used to parse and generate RSS feeds for podcasts.Podcast Parser can parse the XML of a podcast feed and return the feed data in an associative array. It can also do the opposite, generate the XML document of a RSS feed for a podcast described with an associative array.
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    ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings can be used to read and write application XML configuration files. It emulates the behavior of the ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings class of the .NET framework.ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings can create new configuration files. If a configuration file with a given path do not exist, it creates the file. It provides functions for setting or getting the configuration value for a given key. If a ...
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    SQL XML can be used to generate XML documents from MySQL query results. The class executes a given MySQL query. It may restrict the range of extracted rows to a given page on which a configurable limit number of rows is returned.The generated XML documents are defined by row and column tags that contain the values of each query result ...
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    XMLnavs reads and parses an XML document with definitions of a navigation menu using HTML links.The menu can be rendered with images that can be changed. The generated menu can expand and hide sub-menus depending on what page is being viewed by the user.
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    Lumine is an object-relational mapping tool combining the styles of two frameworks: Hibernate and PEAR::DB_DataObjects.Lumine can manage information in objects to be stored and retrieved in relational databases. It uses XML files to define how tables are mapped to database tables to know how to store and retrieve the mapped objects.Features of Lumine:- It uses DOMIT! XML Parser to process ...
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    Sophisticated XML Management library for XML file that does not rely at all on php pre-defined xml classes.
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    XML Dropper is meant to be used in the composition and generation of XML 1.0 documents. It works by recursively opening tags that may contain more tags and text. XML Dropper keeps track of open tags, transparently escapes text, and provides a shortcut to end finished documents to generate the complete XML document output with text encoded using UTF-8.
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    news_parser_4 is a news feed system that ties into moreover.com for xml news feeds.
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    Country Config is meant to read or write XML files with country codes and associated country name and other information.Country Config uses ianacclister class to build a country information listing as an associative array. It also uses Config class to write the country information to a country-codes.xml fileThe readConfiguration function reads from that file, returning an array keyed by country ...
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    Freshmeat.net XML-RPC is meant to query Freshmeat for information about the projects registered in the site. It uses the XML-RPC interface to query Freshmeat.Freshmeat.net XML-RPC lets you query the available software licenses, query the project branch list, query the project releases, submit a new project release and withdraw a project release.
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