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    XML documents can be opened, parsed and changed. Nodes can be added and cloned, attributes can be set and removed and children can be inserted.
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    XML Writer class can also customize the DTD and style sheet tags.Key Features of XML Writer class:- Definition of tags and data sections.- Support input and output iso-8859-1 and utf-8 (Unicode) encodings.
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    Excel XML Parser can be used to read and write data to Excel worksheets in the Excel XML format.Excel XML Parser can parse an Excel document file in the XML format and create objects to access the file workbook, worksheets, table, cells, etc..The contents of the document may also be altered and saved to an Excel XML file or served ...
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    xmllib allows for configuration or content data to be stored in XML files instead of databases.
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    The returned array has as many dimensions as the nesting depth of the XML document tags. The domIT class is used to parse the XML file.
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    A bidimensional array containing the list of tags and data in groups of records defined by top level XML tags, is returned.
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    GSM can traverse a given directory to extract the list of files with given file name extension to be added to the site map given the site base URL.Certain file entries may be excluded from the list. GSM can also make certain file entries to be listed with the last modification date and a specific priority.The generated site map XML ...
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    The positions of each element is also tracked in order to allow the determination of the exact location of elements that may be contextually in error.Supports parsed file cache to minimize the overhead of parsing the same file repeatdly. Optimized parsing of simplified XML (SML) formats ignoring the tag attributes.
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    Feed Reader can parse RSS 2.0 feeds through the PHP Expat-based XML parsing extension.
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    This example shows you how to do it if you have no MySql DBMS at hand and a not to extensive amount of data to expect. The XML file (holds all basic data we want to make available in the administration by choice), the text file will handle all the chosen data and the SQLite will contain all data submitted ...
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    Configuration Loader auto-generates a set of php configuration classes from a supplied xml file. It can be used to generate a PHP class from an XML file. The element (tag) names become property names and the text contained in the elements becomes the property's value. It also supports nested elements.If the generated php file is older than the xml file, ...
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    phpXML Lite is completely stand-alone and is designed to make the XML communications nice and simple in PHP. Because it's stand-alone, it does not require you to install extra libraries, like PEAR or PECL. phpXML Lite properties and methods are modeled after the XML class in Flash, so the transition back and forth between Flash and PHP is much easier.
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    Clean Output can be used to reformat HTML or XML documents. It can read a string with HTML or XML and indent its lines according to the depth of the tags and data. Optional it can show in the outputted document a trace of the indentation level. Requirements: PHP 5.0
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    Base460 Parser can be used to extract bar code (EAN-13, ITF-14) information from abase460 file or abase460-like formed XML document.The extracted EAN records are returned into associative arrays.Requirements: PHP 5.0
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    Array to XML be used to generate XML documents from associative arrays. It traverses an associative array recursively.Array element keys are converted into XML tags. Array element string values are converted into child data or tags. If an array element value is another array it is converted into a nested set of tags.The generated XML document is stored in class ...
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