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    simple XML builds an hierarchy of objects that represent each XML document node. XML tag node objects have variables that reference document child nodes.simple XML uses the Expat parser built in every PHP version, so it does not need any other special extensions. It implements the functions found in PHP5's SimpleXML for PHP4.
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    XML Manipulation can parse XML documents and find nodes with a given name that have an attribute set to a given name.An array is used to return the nodes that are found.Requirements:PHP 5.0 or higher
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    Path To XML can be used to generate XML documents from directory listings.There are two classes in Path To XML: - one to generate a XML document from an array, - a sub-class to traverse a directory recursively and build an array from the list of files.The generated XML document can be saved to a given file.
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    PHP 5 DOM XML is a simple class that demonstrates how to extend the PHP 5 builtin domDocument classes to parse, alter and save a XML document to store book information.
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    Easy RSS can create a RSS feed from definition arrays. The parsing function extracts information from an RSS feed into an array with equivalent structure. It does not require PHP to be compiled with XML support. Regular expressions are used to parse RSS feeds.Easy RSS lets you define a custom XSL stylesheet to reference in the generated RSS feeds. Sample ...
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    XML 2 Array is a simple class can parse a XML document file and build an associative array from its elements. The resulting array has as indices the XPATH location of the document data elements.
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    The PHP Expat extension is used to parse XML documents. Sofee XML Parser builds a structure in private class variables.Sofee XML Parser provides means to extract the XML document structure into an array that can be used by applications using the usual PHP array iterator functions.
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    googleSiteMap starts fetching a given URL and then follows any links to crawl a whole site. It generates a XML document in the Google site map format with the URLs of all crawled pages.The site map XML document is returned as string value. The generated XML document gets returned as a string value and the list of URLs gets cached ...
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    XML can also generate XML documents from nested arrays that define the document tag structure.XML can load XML documents from files or text strings. It turns the document tags into keys of a nested associative array. The resulting array is stored in a class variable.XML can also generate an XML document from an array with the document structure. The document ...
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    SimpleXML for PHP can load and parse a XML document file like the simple_xml_load function.Document nodes are reorganized and parsed in order to return a document structure identical to the result of the simple_load_file function.Requirements:PHP 4.0 or higher
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    Scrubs is an object relational mapping and data persistence tool for Web application development. It allows the developer to define a database schema in xml, and generates data object classes that the developer will use to persist and retrieve data.Scrubs solves the problem of using relational data in a PHP object oriented application. Be patient on tutorials and documentation. It ...
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    PHP Xforms can be used to validate XML documents using a XML Schema.PHP Xforms can validate a XML document given a XML Schema definition document. Additionally, it can invoke user-defined callback functions to perform contextual validation.
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    A generous subset of the DOM Level 2 specification is implemented in this package, which has been designed to be fast and have a low footprint.The primary goal of DOMIT! is to provide PHP developers a standards-compliant means of working with XML, thus ensuring more portable and communicable code.DOMIT XML parser is not an extension; it is written purely in ...
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    Associative array to XML can parse a XML document and build an array structure with the information of the tags and data of the document. It can also generate a XML document from using the entry keys and values of the associative array.
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    The PHP 5 SOAP client support is extended to add the required XML tags to requests in order to authenticate with specified username and password.Requirements:PHP 5.0 or higher
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