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    When a file is opened for writing, exclusive locks are put in place to avoid simultaneous access to the file from other scripts. File Writer can also create backup copies of the files before opening for changing them. Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    File class provides an API for common file routines. Method list:- readAll()- read()- write()- readChar()- writeChar()- readLine()- writeLine()- buildPath()- stripTrailingSeparators()- stripLeadingSeparators()- skipRoot()- getTempDir()- getTempFile()- isAbsolute()
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    Manipulate, read or write files provides several classes to access and manipulate files.These classes can perform several types of operations like: creating, deleting, check if exist files and directories, get the size of a file, list files in a directory.IMPORTANT:Requires the PEAR File package
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    fileWriter is used to write files and create folders.
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