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  1. Live - Calendar
    2283 total visits
    Live-calendar is a PHP event calendar plugin for wordpress, it works similar to microsoft live calensar . You can make a calendar page or calendar sidebar or a upcoming event list. Installation:Unzip the archive and put the 'live-calendar' folder into your plugins folder (/wp-content/plugins/). Activate the plugin from the Plugins menu. Usage:Post a new page, add "{CALENDAR} {TODAYS_EVENTS} {UPCOMING_EVENTS}" to ...
  2. WP - Code
    320 total visits
    WP-Code plugin adds syntax highlighting to blog posts containing source code. It has support for 40 or more popular languages. Installation:Unpack and upload it to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress. Here are some key features of "WP-Code": -Fortran -FreeBasic -Java -Java5 -JavaScript -jQuery -Latex -Make -Matlab -MySQL -Oracle11 -Pascal -Perl -Perl6 -PHP -PowerBuilder -Python ...
  3. CSV Viewer
    608 total visits
    This WordPress plugin reads CSV-files and embeds it on a WordPress page. The admin can upload his CSV file, make some style settings, add an image to it and embed it on a page or post. Installation:Unpack and upload it to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress. Requirements: WordPress What's New in This Release: -Debugged: ...
  4. Visitor Analytics
    364 total visits
    The plugin of wordPress analysis cookies and IPs and presents the visitor statistics in data grids. Installation:Unpack and upload it to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress. Requirements: WordPress
  5. Quick Navigation Panel
    332 total visits
    This plugin of Wordpress helps the visitors to navigate more quickly. It shows the panel on the bottom of the screen where the following blocks are placed - pages, categories, archive, authors, tags, search field, depends on the choice. So the visitors haven't to scroll up and down to find where the pages of the website are placed or where ...
  6. Xhanch - My Twitter
    418 total visits
    Xhanch - My Twitter is a WordPress plugin to display an author's recent tweets from the Twitter timeline. It handles replies, user profile pictures, post dates, clickable links, smilies and custom text. Installation:- Unpack and upload it to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.- Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress. Features of Xhanch - My Twitter:- Show your twitter's avatar- ...
  7. No Screenshot
    1822 total visits
    With Bible WordPress Plugin, book in the Bible will automate the process of referencing your Bible verses with the appropriate Book in the Bible for that verse, chapter or book. There-fore providing you an easy way to reference those important Bible verses you share with others on your website.
  8. No Screenshot
    1605 total visits
    Wordpress Who's Online Plugin is a new plugin that displays who is currently viewing your wordpress blog. The package also includes a sidebar widget for users of your blog to see how busy the blog is. Within the admin panel you can see exactly who is online as well as how long they have been online for, what page they ...
  9. No Screenshot
    1717 total visits
    Amazon Showcase is a Wordpress Widget/Plugin for showcasing items from Amazon. Simply enter the ASIN/ISBN numbers of any products and optionally enter an Associate ID for earning commissions. The product image will be displayed with a link to the product detail page on Amazon.com. More advanced users can have full control over the way the products are displayed.
  10. MyVideoBlog LITE - Automatic Wordpress Video Blogs!
    2453 total visits
    MyVideoBlog LITE - Automatic Wordpress Video Blogs! is easy to create automated niche videoblogs. Your videoblog will be automatically updated everyday!! The plugin grabs the embed code of the videos from several providers and automatically publish the post! You don't need to host ANY video in your own server, all videos will be published using the original embed code from ...
  11. No Screenshot
    1354 total visits
    WPGet can be used to retrieve posts from a Wordpress 2.0 blog installed in the same machine. It accesses directly the Wordpress MySQL database, so it does not use the code of Wordpress.WPGet can fetch a given number of posts, upto a limited number of characters per post.
  12. No Screenshot
    1774 total visits
    WPGet is a script which makes the process of including content from a Wordpress 2.x powered blog in a non-WP powered page. It's built in PHP and is 100% free software.
  13. No Screenshot
    2276 total visits
    Features of Google Sitemap Generator for Wordpress: - WordPress 2 compatible - Comes as a WordPress Plugin - Has a user interface where you can customize all parameters like change frequencies, priorities etc. - User interface available in English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Spanish, Swedish, Simplified and Traditional Chinese- Generates a static XML file in your Blog directory (Filename ...
  14. No Screenshot
    1919 total visits
    Powerful blog editor for WordPress, Typepad, MovableType and other blogs. Automates images uploading support (Flickr, ImageShack, FTP). Integrates with Firefox, IE, Word, RSS Bandit, FeedDemon, Sharp Reader. Provides assistance in managing existing posts, adding links from Amazon. Quick Snippets feature automates commonly typed texts and helps to auto-link referenced resources. Exporting features provides ability to export posts to HTML and ...
  15. post - views
    367 total visits
    Post-views plugin logging how many times your post/page has been visited, comparing to other congeneric plugins, it logged the bots(search engine), and show it as indexed indicator. Installation: -Unzip the archive and put the 'post-views' folder into your plugins folder (/wp-content/plugins/). -Activate the plugin from the Plugins menu.
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