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  1. Count per Day
    124 total visits
    Count per Day is a WordPress plugin counts the page reads and displays statistics. A page read is content only one time per IP every day in order to keep accuracy. Features of Count per Day:- count reads and visitors- shows reads per page- shows visitors today, yesterday, last week, last months and other statistics on dashboard- you can show ...
  2. No Screenshot
    157 total visits
    FAQs Manager is a FAQ tool for the WordPress platform. Completely full of features, FAQs Manager is one of the most complete all-around Q&A system for WordPress. Features of FAQs Manager:- Embed FAQ sections via shortcode- Manage groups and questions individually- Filter FAQ data- Submit new questions via the front-end- Bulk operations- Easy templateable interface- Email notifications Requirements:- WordPress 3 ...
  3. No Screenshot
    113 total visits
    Sliderly is a WordPress plugin for easily creating image sliders, which adds an Ajaxified interface for creating multiple image slideshows. These slideshows can then be embedded via a shortcode system, template function or via a sidebar widget. It comes in 2 modes, slideshow and gallery. Requirements:- WordPress 3.4.1 or Higher What's New in This Version:- Support to add multiple files ...
  4. No Screenshot
    161 total visits
    Floating Social Media Icon is a WordPress plugin overlays floating social media icons on a page. They'll be displayed in a fixed position, always remaining visible as the user navigates the page. Icon links and icons can be changed with the aid of an WP admin panel settings page. Features of Floating Social Media Icon:- Floating display- Will load in ...
  5. Comic Easel
    167 total visits
    Comic Easel is a plugin for embedding comic books in WP-powered sites, which is perfect for artists that want to run a web comic strip. It works on any theme, because it uses a shortcode system for embedding the comics. Features of Comic Easel:- Comics are managed and stored as custom post types- Media library integration- Manage characters, location, chapters ...
  6. Fontdeck
    80 total visits
    Fontdeck is a plugin for embedding Fontdeck fonts on WordPress sites which allows admins to use non-standard web fonts on the site. Requirements:- WordPress 2.7 or Higher What's New in This Version:- Fixed issue where changes made on Fontdeck weren't updating. Installation:- Unpack and upload it to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.- Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress.
  7. No Screenshot
    131 total visits
    Editorial Calendar is a WordPress plugin implements a new way for managing blog content. The editorial calendar improves any blog that plans posts in advance, has an overflow of new posts or takes contributions from multiple users. Features of Editorial Calendar:- Drag and drop publishing date editing.- Edit and arrange post titles.- Easily see the status of all posts.- Simple ...
  8. No Screenshot
    188 total visits
    AdRotate is a WordPress plugin allows showing one or more a random banner on your site. The banners can be combined into groups and can link to different sections of your website. Features of AdRotate:- Show random banners- Put random banners in pages or posts- Activate or de-activate banners at will- Edit/update banners- Preview banners on edit- Per banner/function to ...
  9. Settings API
    99 total visits
    Settings API is a WP plugin for handling the WordPress Settings API. In real life use scenarios, the plugin can be used to create options panels to store general site settings all on the same page. It is perfect for theme or plugin development. The plugin works by automating the process of building the interface and easily storing the passed ...
  10. The Boiler
    88 total visits
    The Boiler is a framework for developing WordPress themes, which is built with modern technology like CSS 3 and HTML 5. Features of The Boiler:- Responsive design- Theme customizer- Options panel- Custom header- Custom background- Custom templates- Shortcodes Requirements:- WordPress
  11. Opera Share Button
    78 total visits
    Opera Share Button is a WordPress plugin for embedding social sharing buttons for the Opera Network. Including support for the Share to My Opera Community page and Follow My Opera profile page buttons. The buttons can be embedded via a shortcode, or automatically before the content, after the content or in both positions. Requirements:- WordPress 3 or Higher What's New ...
  12. No Screenshot
    255 total visits
    WHMCS Bridge is a WordPress plugin adds support for the WHMCS support and billing software. The plugin integrates the WHMCS installation so it will look and feels like the native WordPress site. Customers can sign in once on the site and comment on the blog, share information with their peers, order hosting plans and pay their bills using the same ...
  13. No Screenshot
    90 total visits
    Members Import is a WordPress plugin which can import new user profiles via CSV files. The plugin creates a special backend page under the "Users" tab where the admin can select a CSV holding user info and upload/import them to the site. After the import operation, an email can optionally be sent automatically to all new users. Requirements:- WordPress What's ...
  14. No Screenshot
    101 total visits
    NewStatPress is a statistics plugin for WordPress, which is an enhancement of the StatPress WP plugin by Daniele Lippi. Tracks site usage and reports about it in the WordPress backend. Features of NewStatPress:- Total visits- Total pages view- Date of the first hit- Today visits- OS details- Browser details- IP address stats- Counts all online visitors- Counts logged online visitors- ...
  15. Old IE Alert
    94 total visits
    Old IE Alert is a WordPress plugin for alerting old IE users to upgrade their browser. If the visitor uses IE7 or lower, a bar appears at the top of the page, alerting him that his browser has deprecated and he should upgrade. Links for newer Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari are displayed. Requirements:- WordPress 3.3.2 or Higher ...
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