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    Phonetic takes a word and replaces some letters to generates new variants of the word that sound similar. A more complex algorithm that combines replacement rules can be employed.Requirements:PHP 5.0 or higher
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    The text string is being normalized by converting several types of word separators into white spaces. Then it splits the string into groups of characters separated by spaces.Word Counter returns the number of groups of characters that contain at least one letter or digit to skip counting groups of characters made only of punctuation or other types of characters.Requirements:PHP 3.0 ...
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    A small but effective utility module that can create .xls .xlr .doc .txt .ppt .rtf and .csv files. You just pass the data and a filename. It can also capture print output (from echo statements) and send that to a file.A demo module is included to show how to create the data for the various file types. The most effective ...
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    Define Word can be used to retrieve the definition of words from a remote dictionary server. It uses the cURL library to make a word lookup request using the DICT protocol defined in RFC 2229.The word definitions retrieved from the server are returned in an array. The number of definitions that is returned may be restricted to a given limit.
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    This class can be used to spell numeric values using Polish words.
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    Number to word class can be used to spell numbers in French in a way that respects the particularities of the French language.Number to word class also supports spelling numbers in English and German and can be adapted to support other idioms.Number to word class can spell numbers between 0 to 999 999 999 999 999 999.
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    Hangman classes can be used to pick words and check guessed letters to implement the hangman game.Hangman classes picks a random word from an array, checks whether a guessed letter is part of the word, and display the word with the correctly guessed letters.An usage example script is provided to demonstrate how to implement a Web based version of the ...
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    num2words can be used to spell numbers in the Portuguese idiom.It was adapted from the class baa2words originally written from Barry Andrew to spell numbers in Portuguese rather than in English.
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    Random Word can be used to generate a random readable word. It can generate a word of a given length starting with a consonant followed by alternating vowels and consonants to make the generated word more readable.The generated word may be adjusted to include lower case letters, upper case letters, or have only the first letter in upper case.
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    Anagrams can generate anagrams from given words.It can take an input word and generate all anagrams permuting the order of its letters. Research can be pursued by 'brutal force' approach as well as filtered by rules.The resulting anagram words can be optionally saved to a file.
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    Number2Words is a simple class that can be used to spell a number using English words.
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    HTML to DOC classes can be used to convert HTML pages into Microsoft Word documents in the XML format.It can parse a HTML document given as a HTML data string or a page URL. Then it extracts the HTML document header and body and rewrite it with a Microsoft Word document XML header.
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    Numbers2words_it is the Italian version of the Numbers2words class. It converts numeric values to Italian words to express quantities or money in Euros.
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    MP Chinese Word Segmentation can segment Chinese text using the maximum probability (MP) approach. Some ambiguity mistakes can be avoided. It can also provides simple support for segmenting English within Chinese text.
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    Use html2word to get words from HTML (and text) pages and counts each word. This class can be used in search section of sites or to write search engines.
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