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    Message Box is meant to generate Windows style message boxes in HTML. It can display the boxes with configurable title, message prompt and icons associated with the type of message box.Message Box can generate several predefined types of message boxes that define the types of buttons that appear: OK only, OK and Cancel, Abort and Retry and Ignore, Yes and ...
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    Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Windows 2003 platforms are supported.
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    Screenshot can command an instance of the Internet Explorer running on the same Windows machine to make it open a given Web page.Several aspects of Internet Explorer can be controlled like whether its window will be visible and resizable, show the status, address bars and tool bars, and make the browser occupy the full screen.An image of the whole desktop ...
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    mdb classes is meant to access Microsoft Access .mdb database files by specifying their filenames.mdb classes uses a Windows ADODB COM object to open the .mdb database. From then on you can execute SQL queries and retrieve the result set date like with any SQL based database.
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    A small but effective utility module that can create .xls .xlr .doc .txt .ppt .rtf and .csv files. You just pass the data and a filename. It can also capture print output (from echo statements) and send that to a file.A demo module is included to show how to create the data for the various file types. The most effective ...
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    Site Guide can be used to generate windows with information to guide users through the pages of a site. It opens a dragable window with information with information about a site page.The window shows information text about each page and navigation buttons to move on to the next or previous page in the site guide.Requirements:PHP 4.0
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    smb4php is an interface to Windows networks for PHP. You will be able to access shared resources using URL like 'smb://user:pass@server/s hare/path'.
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    XP Menu Generator can be used to generate menus of HTML links similar to those of Windows XP.XP Menu Generator takes a list of menu categories and category links and generates HTML and Javascript that make all categories appear in a vertical menu bar.When the user clicks on a category, the category links appear below it. When the user clicks ...
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    Windows Registry classes can be used to store and retrieve the values of keys from the Windows registry. It uses a COM object to create, read, write and delete values of Windows registry keys.Windows Registry classes can also access sub-keys, retrieve their names, split the key path and get key value types.
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    WMSServer can be used to retrieve statistics of usage of a Windows Media server.WMSServer uses a Windows COM object to connect to a Windows Media server given a its host name and user name and password to retrieve the statistics.WMSServer can retrieve many types of statistics regarding the users connected to the Windows Media server, bandwidth usage, protocol type usage, ...
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    class.userquota.php allows you to supply the values of the user quota (as you might gather from the file system, imap, or your own database driven system) and outputs them as a nice graph, or as text.The colours of the graph are definable, and you can also change whether you have it as a flat pie chart or a 3D pie ...
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    SMB Conf is meant to parse and recreate a smb.conf file that is used by the tools of the Samba package to access Windows shares.After parsing you are able to edit the contents of a smb.conf file that are stored in an array. After you make any changes to that array, you can also use the class to update the ...
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    Mail Server Info can lookup a DNS to determine the addresses of the SMTP servers of a given domain. It works in all platforms including Windows, Linux and other Unix systems.
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    Aprint is a small class built to print many text directly from PHP at server side when the Web server is running under Windows.Features of APrint:- Set the page margins- Define many font parameters like font type, size, underline- Use different font type for each line- Automatically start new page when the previous is full- Simple page numbering- May choose ...
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    Barcode Print can be used to generate barcode graphics and send them to a printer. It uses GNU Barcode program to generate the barcode graphic definitions.The barcode graphics are rendered and sent to a graphical printer using PHP Windows printer extension. So, currently in only works under Windows systems.
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