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    Small PHP script to get Winamp tv listnings. Using this script + xine or mplayer you can play winamp tv streams in Linux.
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    WinampControler class will controll winamp (with the proper plugin).You can go forward, backward, stop, play and view a playlist.
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    Shows in your web page the song that you are currently listening in Winamp, and a list of the latest songs heard. Using the "What's Playing" plug-in for Winamp 3 (available at http://www.srijith.net/codes/whatsplaying/), this script retrieves information about the current song you are hearing in your Winamp, along with a list of the latest songs you've heard.
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    The Winamp Shell ProXy is a package of two components:- The w5sp.exe, a little commandline tool written in VB which acts as a proxy on the system shell- A php-class which serve a full featured winamp remote control to a webclient.After defining some parameters in the configuration file (where to find the w5sp.exe, the winamp.exe, etc.) the class instance can ...
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