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    IP_to_country class can be used to determine the country of an IP address using the Whois service. It connects to an Whois server and queries the information associated to a given IP address.If country information is available, IP_to_country class returns an array with the country code, country name and the file name of the country flag.
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    domain returns the whois information an checks the availability of at least 270 different top level domains.Also it validates the domains name(Thought have been given to the new IDN special chars). CNO WHOIS informations where returned completely.First translate the domain and the check it normally with the domain class.
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    WhoIs This can obtain information about a domain by querying a whois server.WhoIs This is looks at the domain name to determine its top level domain and then queries the whois server is responsible for that domain executing the whois program.A debugging class is also included in this package.
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    Expired Domain Class allows one to easily query the whois database and returns the information for a specific domain name. It also automatically retrieves the secondary whois server and allows one to easily query that as well.
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    .BD whois lookup can query a whois database to retrieve the information about a domain from Bangladesh (TLD .BD). It retrieves and parses a page of a site that provides a Web interface to make whois queries for Bangladesh domains.
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    Whois domain is meant to query a whois server to retrieve information about a domain, specifically whether the domain is available for registration.Features of Whois domain:- Domain name string validation- Knows which whois server to query for domains of different top level domains (TLD).- More TLD can be supported by adding the respective whois server entries in a separate configuration ...
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    GET by IP can determine the country and other details associated to a given IP address by querying an WHOIS server.Besides the country, if available, GET by IP also retrieves these fields of the responsible institution for the range of IP addresses to which the given IP belongs: netname, person, address, phone and e-mail.
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