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  1. Datum Whois
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    Datum Whois is a basic domain lookup PHP Script and it supports the most important tlds (top-level domains) including .com, .net, .co.za and etc. Installing the Datum Whois script is a breeze. All you need to do is download it, unzip it and then upload it to your web server root.
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    Domain Registrar Finder Script is a little PHP tool that will allow you to find the registrar of any domain by checking it’s WHOIS information.
  3. CJ Domain Whois
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    CJ Domain Whois allows users to lookup domain name availability. The script can be used as part of a web sites ordering process or can be used to redirect traffic to an affiliate (such as 123reg.co.uk). The script is fully customisable using style sheets. The CJ Domain Whois is multilingual, currently supporting English, French, Dutch, Arabic, German and Swahili! If ...
  4. Particle Whois
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    Particle Whois is a PHP script designed to add the power of the whois search to your site, run checks on the domains you want to buy and keep track of what you have searched for previously.Key Features of Particle Whois:- Easy to Install: Get your whois search up and running in minutes - Multiple TLD's: Search .com, .net, .org, ...
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    PHP class for whois queries, can query the correct whois server for domain names, ip addresses and AS handles and returns data in a structured array.
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    What is your IP? IP Lookup, IP WHOIS, IP Addres Checker Displays your current IP address Find your IP address here! Features of Turnkey Script: What is your IP?: - PHP Script, - No database, - Easy to install, - Google Adsense ready Requirement: PHP Webhosting
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    Php easy :: whois lookup script is intended to lookup for domain registrant data for all top-level domains (both generic and country-code types are supported, 158 TLDs in total), and also for IP whois lookups. What's new in this release Php easy :: whois lookup script:- provides only unique whois results- cuts off comments when querying different whois servers for ...
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    Whois Lookup can connect to a Whois server for a for a given top level domain and perform a query to retrieve information about that domain. Information about a particular IP address can also be obtained by querying the ARIN whois server.
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    class.ianacclister.php connects to the IANA site, parses the webpage containing country codes and whois links, then produces tabular output.
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    An GeoIP country database is being read to associate IP ranges with countries. GeoIP Country Whois Locator looks up a given IP to determine the country associated to the IP range that it belongs.If found, GeoIP Country Whois Locator returns the IP range start and end and the associated country name and code.Requirements: PHP 5.0 or higher
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    ipology connects to RIPE whois server and performs a query about a given IP address. The information fields about the IP address, including the parent range and country, is returned in an associative array.Requirements:PHP 4.0 or higher
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    DCHK connects to a whois server and performs a query to check whether the domain is available.If the whois server returns that there is no matching record for the given domain, DCHK display a message that includes a link to a registration site.The registration URL can be configured.Requirements:PHP 3 or higher
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    Just provide the method with the url you want to lookup (excluding the "www." and the "http://") and the results are returned in a string.The whois information cannot be retrieved for newer domain names, such as .tv, .info, .biz, because they require an account set up with the domain registrar
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    The Whois class uses one simple method for looking up almost all domain names accross the globe.Just provide the method with the url you want to lookup (excluding the "www." and the "http://") and the results are returned in a string. Newer domains such as .tv,.info,.biz are not supported as these requires an account with the domain name registration.
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    Features of URLManagement:- Easy installation process. - Automatic and Manual URL shortening. - Automatic and Manual URL tracking. - Automatic and Manual Domain WHOIS.- Automatic and Manual Google Ads Stripper (gets AD URL). - Automatic, Manual and API for anonymous URL access. - What Is M IP. - Easy configuration file. - Customizable Ad serving.
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